Arthur C. Croft, Ph.D., D.C., M.Sc., M.P.H., F.A.C.O.

Dr. Croft is the director of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. He has been actively engaged in whiplash research for the past 26 years and co-authored the first textbook on whiplash, Whiplash Injuries: the Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Syndrome, a book on temporomandibular disorders (Whiplash and Temporomandibular Disorders: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Case Management), and now the first serious textbook aimed at the victims of whiplash and their practitioners, Whiplash and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries: A Guide for Patients and their Practitioners, along with several other books, textbook chapters, and more than 350 professional papers. He is board certified in Orthopaedics (American Board of Chiropractic Orthopaedists) and is certified in Traffic Accident Reconstruction (Northwestern University's Traffic Institute), and was appointed as an Independent Medical Examiner by the state of California for several terms.

Dr. Croft serves in an editorial and/or manuscript reviewer capacity for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, Journal of Chiropractic Medicine,  Journal of Whiplash Related Disorders, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics,  Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain,  Journal of the American Chiropractic Association, and the journals Spine,  Accident Analysis & Prevention, and Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

His awards include First Place in the Scientific Papers Award of 1984, and Third Place in the Scientific Papers Award of 1987 by the American Chiropractic Association. He received an Emmy nomination in 1991 from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his role in the production Whiplash. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 1992 by the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Society and the Educational Excellence Award in 1992 by the Florida Chiropractic Association, and in 1995 he was awarded the Chiropractor of the Century Award--1895-1995--by the San Diego Society of the California Chiropractic Association.

He lectures extensively in the U.S. and abroad and teaches the award-winning four-Module program on Whiplash (Whiplash 2018). In addition to chiropractic orthopaedics, Dr. Croft is courtroom qualified as an expert in biomechanics, trauma epidemiology, and accident reconstruction.

In addition to his work in the field of chiropractic, Dr. Croft was a drowning homicide investigator, underwater criminal investigator, and trained hyperbaric chamber operator. Until recently, he was the Diving Medical Officer and an underwater search and recovery diver for the San Diego Sheriff's Office.

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