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Virtually no learning curve.
Thousands of facts at your fingertips.
Find anything fast, then copy and paste.
Arrange your books in an electronic bookshelf.
Search an entire bookshelf at once.
Stay on top of cutting edge literature every year by getting the Annual SRISD Scientific Conference Proceedings Plug-Ins to your bookshelf.

What is Whiplash in Hypertext 4.1?

It is the electronic version of all four of the Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology series module books. It contains all 800 pages of cumulative text, and all tables, illustrations, appendices, and over 1700 references. (This material does not duplicate the textbook, Whiplash Injuries: the Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Syndrome, and it is instantly searchable. Having Whiplash in Hypertext 4.1 on your laptop and your office computer allows you to find anything instantly and print any portion of it. Or, send selected text to a text file. Because it’s electronic, you can copy and paste text or illustrations into just about any program running in Windows, such as a word processor or presentation program. Use it to write narrative reports or rebuttal letters. Use it to create newsletters or articles. Copy and paste a paragraph into an e-mail posting. The uses are endless.

Hypertext Plug-Ins

The Proceedings of the Annual SRISD Scientific Conference (formerly the Advanced Proceedings) from 1998 through to the present year are available as Plug-Ins for Whiplash in Hypertext 4.1. Plug-ins are like extra electronic books that run within the main Hypertext program. With them you have access to every reference, abstract, and critique for the respective years. Collectively, these give you over 700 additional pages of insightful review and commentary—all searchable and instantly available. And, as with Whiplash in Hypertext 4.1 itself, you can copy, paste, leave electronic notes and bookmarks in the text, or print any sections to your printer or to a text file.

Whiplash in Hypertext4.0 Screen Shots
Search options allow you to make a simple or a more specific search. ‘Word check’ helps you with spelling.
When you own Plug-Ins, you can create electronic bookshelves and search all books simultaneously.
Save your place using bookmarks. There is no limit to the data you can enter in here. Later, search your bookmarks too.
‘Search Results’ window lets you browse hits by general heading. As always, click and you are instantly taken there.
Annual SRISD Scientific Conference Proceedings Plug-Ins have the author’s abstract and Dr. Croft’s insightful critique of the paper’s merits and usefulness.

When I sat down to update my textbook for 2001 (3rd edition), I found that just about everything I needed was available already in the 1998 through 2001 Plug-Ins. After all, they contain virtually all of the relevant literature on the subject for each year. All I had to do was cut and paste and a little bit of tweaking. For my newest book, Whiplash and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries, I took advantage of all of the newest information available in subsequent Plug-Ins.

Dr. A.C. Croft

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Annual SRISD Scientific Conference Proceedings Plug-Ins [call to order 2007 through 2014]:

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