Auto Safety Facts: Brand New

Become a community expert in auto safety.
Use this system daily in your office and to reach out to your community.
You will, quite literally, save lives and prevent serious injuries by teaching the public how to use their car's safety systems properly. Think there are others in your community already serving this function? There are probably none! That makes it a moral obligation. But it is also an opportunity.
You'll increase your referrals without even asking. One doctor saw 60 new patients after using the program for only 11 weeks.

What I like about the Auto Safety Facts presentation is that it is appropriate for just about any group. It is sophisticated and informative, but at the same time it is interesting and understandable for people of varying educational levels. I have used it with seniors, parents, and professional groups. It is a talk that is for everyone that drives or rides in a car.

The graphics and the video clips have a certain level of drama that keeps the presentation moving.  I knew the material was making a good impression when I was consistently being asked to bring this talk to other groups. I have not experienced this with other types of presentations that I have done for outside groups.

The problem that I am having now is that my wife complains that I am out of the house too many nights doing this talk. And yes, we continually get calls from people in the audiences that want to become patients. Even though I may not have discussed chiropractic care, they know I am a chiropractor and I have positioned myself as an expert in motor vehicle trauma by doing this presentation.

Lastly, I really believe that if I do this presentation enough, I will save a life or two by providing this information.


Walter Priestley, DC, DICCP
Farmingdale, NY

You may not realize it, but you’re an auto safety expert. And only you can simplify the complex and often baffling world of automotive safety for consumers. This critically important information can prevent disabilities and literally save lives. Did you know that 80% of drivers do not know how to adjust their head restraints; that more than 80% of parents do not correctly use CRS, even though 96% of them believe they do? Did you know that high back booster seats are 80% more effective than seat belts for kids? Yet only 10% of kids who should ride in them actually do. How many consumers can make sense of NCAP and IIHS scores? Who can they turn to for answers? You.

Finally, there is an easy way to provide this vital public service and gain tremendously from the positive PR you will generate. This is the same material Dr. Croft speaks about to journalists, radio talk show hosts, and TV anchors. And now, you can too. Speak also to local service clubs, police departments, hospitals, corporations, schools or PTAs—any group, in fact. They need have only one thing in common: they drive some kind of motor vehicle.

Here is what is included:

Two sets of the two Auto Safety Facts Posters (one set for framing in the office and one set to take with you to presentations or lectures).



A convenient carrying case for your two mobile Auto Safety Facts Posters.

A package of 100 “Auto Safety Facts” brochures. These compliment the Auto Safety Facts Posters.

A package of 100 “After Crash Check-list” brochures. These can be given out to the audience (or your patients) to be kept in their cars. They contain instructions for the collection of critical information in the event of a crash. Place your name and phone numbers on these brochures.



The presentation system also includes a cutting edge PowerPoint presentation* discussing these critical topics, much of it using video footage from SRISD and incorporating some of the latest biomedical information. It comes with a complete talking points tutorial and speaker’s comments to help you familiarize you. It’s easy. And best of all, like Whiplash: the Epidemic 6.0 Pro, it is fully editable. Topics include:

Seat belts
Child restraint systems (CRS) (with our NHTSA trainer demonstrating the correct use of all major types of CRS)
Head restraints
Drinking and driving
How to choose a safe vehicle

Developed by Dr. Arthur C. Croft, a leader in crash safety, public health, and crash research. Now you can be your community expert and really make a difference by saving lives and preventing serious injuries, while generating very positive PR for you and your clinic.

*A PowerPoint Viewer is included and allows you to view or show the presentation. To have full editing capabilities requires Microsoft’s PowerPoint software program, which is available commercially and is not included.

Auto Safety Facts

Also available, Dr. Croft’s PowerPoint and Auto Safety Facts Tutorial DVD [link]. Become a PowerPoint Power User in minutes and get up to speed on the ASF presentation in no time.

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