Dr. Croft’s passion for the subject matter and his logical, organized presentation of the material sparks enthusiasm to continue to learn more about CAD injuries and the treatment of these injuries.

Joel Adkins, DC
Eagle River, AK

Terrific – top notch! This course arms you with copious amounts of information, backed by research, so that the doctor can present an objective, fact-based opinion about the patient’s risk of injury in a MVC.

David A. Allen, DC
Clifton, NJ

Great! The scope of the course was broad, well presented, and surely will empower all attendees in the arena of effective understanding and management of patients with CAD.

Paul R. Bacon, DC
Portsmouth, NH

Top rate. Material is relevant, thorough, and presented in a well-organized, easy to follow format. This course has shown me, at an early stage in my career, how much more I need to continue to educate myself on the subject matter.

Kenneth J. Basille, DC
Marietta, GA

10 – 10 – 10! The best I have ever been to.

Michael C. Basille, DC
Marietta, GA

Very good. Material presented by Dr. Croft is well organized and concise. Seminar facilities are top notch!

Mary G. Basler, DC
Providence, RI

Education is key! And here is excellent education. I know my reports are probably better than 75% of my colleagues.

Marc A. Blais, DC
Blair, NE

excellent! Cutting edge science. Builds confidence in treating whiplash cases.

James R. Boots, DC
Kimberly, WI

To date this is by far the best seminar/learning experience that I have attended. This seminar has given me the knowledge and understanding to better treat my MVC patients and know how to document injuries.

Robert H. Bowen, DC
Chino Valley, AZ

I thought it was the best! This course has helped me both understand, as well as be able to voice the mechanism of injury in low-speed crashes.

Richard E. Busch, III, DC
Fort Wayne, IN

I believe the quality is far superior to other whiplash seminars I have been to by informing you of the existing literature and how they relate to all aspects of whiplash injury.

Joseph M. Campobasso, DC
Diamond, IL

Top-notch, very thorough. It gave me more confidence in all aspects of treating the motor vehicle collision patient.

David L. Chen, DC
Chicago, IL

The course was excellent. The material was interesting and informative. Dr. Croft presented the information in a manner that was professional and enjoyable. The course made me much more aware of the dynamics of MVC injuries.

Steven V. Chuppe, DC
Bismarck, ND

Top notch – I am very impressed. I feel so much more confident in the medico-legal arena since taking this course.

Charles G. Corfman, DC
Florence, AL

Very good. You can tell that Dr. Croft has passion in the covered subjects.

Charles Crandall, DC
Clearwater, FL

The quality is outstanding. Every aspect of a whiplash case from patient care to court representation is covered.

Sasha Crites, PCC Student
Davenport, IA

Dr. Croft gives you the tools of research to back up everything you do.

R. Michael Dahl, DC
Flagstaff, AZ

excellent! Highly organized – gives doctor great confidence. Any doctor doing PI work would be foolish not to take this course.

Conrad B. Dancy, DC
Lake Mary, FL

excellent course – very comprehensive, and has adequately prepared me for medical-legal cases. I am confident taking on challenging personal injury cases. Thank you, Dr. Croft. Keep the seminars coming and I will be back for more.

Jason E. Davis, DC
Moline, IL

Taking this course as a student provided me with a great deal of information that was useful prior to my graduation. The quality of the information is great.

David C. Edwards, Chiropractic Student
Houston, TX

The quality and content of this course is excellent. I use the knowledge I have gained on a regular basis.

Brad R. Egbert, DC
Rexburg, ID

Superb. Extremely impressed with the level of commitment, research gathering, and delivery.

Mark Lelon Fielding, DC
Lincoln, AL

I feel that it is the best overall science-based course I’ve been involved in. Not only is it very interesting and objective, it also holds my attention throughout the duration of the seminar.

Jeff W. Fluitt, DC
Austin, TX

It has helped me in writing narrative reports that include research references which support my conclusions.

Eric Gellasch, DC
Robbinsville, NJ

The quality of the course is superb. The material is concise and to the point and covers all pertinent information as it relates to personal injury. Dr. Croft presents and disseminates information very effectively. (This is the best investment that I have made with regards to personal injury and gaining the knowledge required to be successful in this area.)

Lloyd H. Gomberg, DC
Boca Raton, FL

Top notch and up-to-date information.

Joseph C. Haak, DC
Lomira, WI

excellent, best course of its kind and probably the best seminar out there…period.

David W. Hargraves, DC
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Great course – tons of information. Tremendous help with PI patients/cases.

Aaron Hendrickson, DC
Buffalo, MN

excellent! This course validates, via research and studies, the much needed data to have understandable treatment plans and prognosis for insurance consultants and lay people.

Edward A. Hengel, DC
St. Louis, MI

excellent presentation. Art’s ability to prepare us to treat PI cases is the best around. A must for any chiropractor. To treat PI cases you need knowledge, you need material, and you need confidence – Art gives us the tools we need to be successful.

James. R. Hidalgo, DC
Las Vegas, NV

Very fine quality course that delivers a large amount of information that is presented in a very useful and accessible manner. As a student, I know I will be seeing patients and cases that are directly addressed by this course. Thanks!

Grove L. Higgins III, NYCC Student
Seneca Falls, NY

By far the top course in whiplash presented in understandable format.

Larry D. Hirschy, DC
Chariton, IA

The quality of this course has been excellent. I commend Dr. Croft on his contribution to the chiropractic community and to the spinal trauma community in general. This program has enabled me to provide a better evaluation of my auto injury patients and, therefore, provide better treatment and overall case management. I appreciate his dedication to the exhaustive research and the references he provides. The application of the knowledge I have obtained from the course has made an immediate impact on my patients and their overall outcomes.

Sean A. Higgins, DC
Orchard Park, NY

Overpowering. It will be worth coming back.

John T. Jennings, III, DC
Chester, MD

The quality of the course was excellent. The course data was intellectually stimulating. The material was presented in an appropriate and sequential manner. Dr. Croft has an uncanny grasp of the subject matter presented throughout this program. Dr. Croft was successful in providing direction to a plethora of medical and scientific data germane to the management and success of personal injury practice.

Franco Jona, DC
Setauket, NY

This is one of the most important courses for my practice. The quality of material and education is great.

Sang H. Kim, DC
Philadelphia, PA

As good as it gets! As complicated as the subject matter is, Dr. Croft does an exceptional job of critically examining and teaching it. Understanding why and how we do what we do as chiropractic doctors ultimately helps our patients and benefits our profession. This course work is powerfully beneficial.

Aaron A. Koepp, DC
Fort Collins, CO

Top notch program. Now I feel head and shoulders above the rest.

Jeffrey Kohlbeck, DC
West Bend, WI

First rate! The material was presented in a way that was easy to understand and integrate into my practice. It has shed light on a topic that, in the past, was difficult to prove and validate, i.e., treatment of soft tissue injuries.

Masood Kureshi, DC
Gaithersburg, MD

The quality of this course was excellent. The presentation is clear and to the point, and the textbooks and other support materials are second to none. The thorough and complete nature of this course has increased my knowledge and confidence in my ability to diagnose and treat soft tissue injury. I am now an even greater asset to my current patients and community.

Mark L. Legnola, DC
Plymouth Meeting, PA

Very in-depth and informative. The amount of peer-reviewed research is quite impressive. I thank you, Dr. Croft, for your ongoing diligence and energy to support our discipline! Every doctor from any discipline should take this course for the immense content, sound information, and research. This is a “must” course. Thank you again.

Billy M. Long, DC
Aliso Viejo, CA

The quality of the material was current and applicable to my practice. Nice job!!! The entire program presented by Dr. Arthur Croft was well planned, well documented, and very easy to implement in my practice.

Michael Lueddeke, DC
Allentown, PA

excellent! It’s great to go to a seminar and learn new information that I can use every day. It will change my direction in a very positive way.

Lars. E. Lundstrom, DC
Ventura, CA

First class information presented in a first class manner. Information that truly sets you apart from the rest of the field. Only being in practice for two years, PI makes up only 1% to 3% of my overall practice, and I’m happy about that because I didn’t know what I didn’t know about PI. This has been the best investment in my practice to date. You should charge more. For what these modules offer, they are too cheap.

Phillip J. Mannella, DC
Export, PA

This is the highest quality, best documented, most pertinent to practice seminar I have ever attended. This program has given me more information and practical tools than I have gotten in 18+ years of practice, the DABCO program, and many other seminars – combined.

Barry L. Marks, DC
Orange, CA

Certainly, the best course on PI and mechanics of MVC. Every physician needs to attend all four modules.

Ron R. Martin, DC
Cameron Park, CA

excellent quality throughout. Dr. Croft knows his stuff. Dr. Croft is the world’s leader in whiplash and his insight has already helped me treat patients who have been involved in MVC.

Richard Mason, DC
Fishers, IN

Outstanding. The course has rocket-launched me to become one of the most knowledgeable experts in dealing with patients involved in auto crashes.

Sheryar Masud, DC
St. Charles, IL

excellent. After 20 years in practice, I have a much better understanding of CAD injuries. I also will have much more confidence in dealing with attorneys.

Chris W. McKenney, DC
Belleview, FL

Outstanding! Very comprehensive and user friendly. It has given me a new passion!

Mark D. Miller, DC
Winchester, KY

The material presented is unsurpassed. The course, at the very least, is a smack in the face, and my eyes are wide open. I am more confident, more prepared, and feel that I have an edge on my peers armed with the tools Dr. Croft and Mr. Zurawski presented.

Michael A. Miller, DC
Tallahassee, FL

Well put together. Great information. Changed the way I practice.

Joseph Moran, DC
Larksville, PA

Very good. Great content and presentation.

Cathy E. Moutsopoulos, DC
Daytona Beach, FL

When compared to other continuing education courses, Dr. Croft’s materials and presentation goes above and beyond. This course provides scientifically-based information that clinicians need in order to understand and justify treatment of patients involved in motor vehicle collisions.

Mark J. Mulak, DC
Providence, RI

There were no stones left unturned. Dr. Croft’s information is unsurpassed and his ability to teach makes learning a pleasure. He is a credit to health care and more so to chiropractic. I felt that I was a thorough and conscientious practitioner until I was exposed to Dr. Croft’s “Whiplash Injury” course. I was practicing at half-mast and I feel this course should be part of every chiropractic curriculum. My only criticism is that there is such an overwhelming amount of information to be presented and absorbed in only four modules. It is a privilege and an honor to be one of his students.

M.K. Murphy, DC
Altamonte Springs, FL

This is an excellent course for anyone who wants to be an expert on Whiplash and Brain Traumatology.

Stephen D. Murray, DC
Dover, FL

Top notch. I’ve gained the knowledge to explain and discuss, truly, how, why, when whiplash occurs.

Donald C. Myren, DC
Temecula, CA

I cannot express how I feel, but just one word, “excellent.” There are no courses that compare to this one. This is the “best-best” course that I have taken. It helped me a lot; not only for my knowledge, but also for my practice. Thanks a lot, Dr. Croft.

Kevin U. Nguyen, DC
Van Nuys, CA

This has been one of the best courses I have taken in my 14 years as a chiropractor.

Samuel Oklesh, DC
Winter Haven, FL

The best of its kind. It gave me the confidence to become part of a world I knew very little about.

Michael C. Oldham, DC
Blytheville, AR

excellent! Very inclusive, thorough, and informative. I would recommend this course to anyone getting involved in the PI arena.

Thomas Osterman, Jr., DC
Kearny, NJ

excellent! A gold mine of facts based on research and published peer-reviewed articles/papers.

Victor T. Palffy, DC
Monteagle, TN

Great! Good place, nice staff, and helpful. These courses have trained me to be more detail-oriented in every aspect of practice, preparing me with full understanding of whiplash trauma so I can better serve my patients and the public.

Arthur Pangemanan, MSc, DC
Davenport, IA

Course quality and content was excellent. Clear, concise materials. Great lectures. It made me feel like an expert. I now have the confidence to educate patients, attorneys, and other doctors about anything concerning whiplash. Thank you!

David J. Paris, DC
Redding, CA

The information has been awesome. I now get frequent phone calls from attorneys thanking me for the quality of my documentation. All chiropractors want to work PI, but very few know how to do it properly. The quality of care my patients receive now, and the peace of mind I feel knowing I am doing my best for them, has made this course well worth my time.

James R. Park, DC
Ogden, UT

excellent! This is the highest credential which I can achieve in my professional career and this is the most advanced training in the chiropractic profession in the world.

Hyung Mark Park, DC
Doraville, GA

excellent! The seminars have educated me on the epidemic of whiplash and how to manage personal injury clients and how to properly document my treatment.

David D. Parks, DC
Kernersville, NC

This is the best personal injury/whiplash seminar on the market. Dr. Croft is by far the most knowledgeable presenter of the many seminars I have attended on the subject. This series of courses has improved my knowledge and confidence in dealing with patients, attorneys, and claim adjustors when dealing with personal injury.

T. Jason Permenter, DC
Charlotte, NC

excellent! After knowing the extent to which society is impacted by MVCs, I feel it would be wise to include some or all of this material in chiropractic/medical/law educational institutes.

Jon A. Peterson, DC
Kimberly, WI

excellent! Not only is it an eye-opener as to the complexity of the condition (and the legal complications surrounding it), but the course also makes you feel a lot more confident about taking on those complexities.

Andrew Piazza, DC
Trappe, PA

It is well rounded, with an equal blend of physics, clinical evaluations, and professional knowledge. To the point, with all the necessary documentation to substantiate the importance of pursuing care from a biomechanical mindset. Clinically significant if you want to set yourself apart from other healthcare professionals.

Douglas O. Pitt, DC
Auburn, AL

Outstanding! Each module addresses aspects of patient care that captivate the audience’s attention. This is by far and away the best course for a complete review of whiplash and trauma. Injury, injury care, and followup care are discussed from A to Z and backed by medical literature.

Joseph Ramos, MD
Glendale, CO

excellent! Dr. Croft’s Whiplash and Brain Injury/Traumatology seminars should be mandatory for all physicians. It brings together the aspects of spinal trauma in a concise manner giving us “the big picture.” Dr. Croft is superb in demystifying whiplash trauma by relying on scientific research and objective data. I highly recommend his seminars. A job well done!

Peter Ray, DC
Westminster, CO

It was an excellent course, well worth the time and effort. I would have paid twice the amount of money for this course.

Michael D. Reggish, DC
Livonia, MI

excellent! I learned hard-core facts from studies, occupant kinematics, and knowledge of all aspects of whiplash.

Randy Rein, DC
Palmdale, CA


Donna H. Rodriguez, DC
Emira, NY

There is a tremendous amount of information!! Just starting my practice, I’ve formed an excellent foundation and guideline to address my personal injury cases. Invaluable.

Terry A. Romine, DC
Costa Mesa, CA

Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology is the best course I’ve ever taken. It is packed with useful information that you do not learn in school. The information and resources that Dr. Croft presents in each of the four modules cannot be matched by anyone.

Kimberly M. Rowland, DC
Okeechobee, FL

The quality of the course was very high. It was loaded with current information. I now need to assimilate it.

Fred W. Ruhe, III, DC
Mattison, IL

Clear, good material that defines all aspects of whiplash trauma and arms me well to better serve future patients.

Jon E. Rumbaugh, DC
Connellville, PA

The quality is above and beyond what I expected. Informative and empowering.

John Saddik, DC
San Jose, CA

excellent! Great information/documentation. I respect and admire Dr. Croft’s knowledge and experience. His presentation is very professional and I appreciate the quality of the hotel choice and lecture rooms. It has improved my report writing and confidence regarding the validation of care and treatment of whiplash injuries.

Angela I. Salcedo, DC
Washington, D.C.

excellent! The modules not only provide you with the best information, they empower you with the knowledge to use it.

James M. Sanford, Jr., DC
Ceres, CA

Very good. A lot of information.

Gale Savage, DC
San Diego, CA

The best. Lots of information presented in logical format. Exceptional value for the cost of the program.

Robert L. Schafer, DC
Bradenton, FL

Absolutely top quality.

William J. Schenck, DC
Williston, VT

excellent! Without the information provided in this program by Dr. Croft and the Spine Research Institute, I would not be adequately educated to take care of patients who have been involved in a motor vehicle crash.

Shoanmarie Seals, DC
Covington, GA

A well put together course where points of reference are easily at hand. Where I was blind, now I can see!

James W. Sheehan, DC
Wilmington, DE

excellent! The tools presented here provide an avenue for preparing the doctor to do the best job for his patients and himself in personal injury cases.

Christopher Shore, DC
Littleton, CO

Very good. Learned a lot. Thorough and comprehensive. My reports improved immensely.

Bradley Simon, DC
Coral Springs, FL

The quality of this course has been excellent! I continue to be impressed with the quality and quantity of information and the painstaking efforts that Dr. Croft goes through to back up the information with credible literature and references.

Joseph W. Slattery II, MD
Melbourne, FL

The quality and comprehensive approach to this seminar series is unmatched. I am glad Dr. Croft is working hard for DCs and others.

Monti Sorem, PCC Student
Davenport, IA

excellent! Very informative, specific and well researched.

David Spargo, DC
Orlando, FL

Dr. Croft presents a great series that is comprehensive and more beneficial to my practice than any other series/lecture I’ve been to. Lots of good information and tools to utilize.

Robert A. Stewart, DC
Tallahassee, FL

The material is very well organized and Dr. Croft does a great job of presenting it in a real life scenario.

Scott Stinnette, PCC student
Bettendorf, IA

Very good, module books are a great reference.

Todd Stinson, DC
Burke, VA

I believe Dr. Croft to be a premier representative for the chiropractic profession. Dr. Croft and the Spine Research Institute of San Diego raise the standard of the chiropractic profession.

Brian E. Sullivan, DC
Davenport, IA

The Croft courses are the “Gold Standard” for learning about “whiplash” injuries – all chiro and med students should be taught this in school as par for the course. I very strongly feel that no physician should treat an MVC patient without having this knowledge. Not only is it a disservice to the patient but it may borderline on malpractice.

Sarah Swisher-Leatherman, DC
Pensacola, FL

Every DC should be exposed to Dr. Croft’s work. I have great tools to help my patients receive proper care through research.

Lance E. Vanderloo, DC
Waterloo, IA

Interesting, intriguing and factual are only a few adjectives that begin to describe the quality of this course. The classes contain so much information that makes “good sense.” Whiplash is the silent epidemic of the engine-propelled era. It’s helped me to become more observant of patient injuries in concert with cutting edge reports and studies. It’s helping me to become the professional expert of whiplash injury and trauma.

Virginia L. Walker, DC
Kansas City, MO

Awesome – top notch, best seminar I’ve ever been to.

Mark Walz, DC
Post Falls, ID

Very good course. Best information and products available in the PI arena.

Doug Weaver, DC
Mitchellville, MD

Worth the time and money. Will definitely continue with CRASH and Annual SRISD Scientific Conference in the future.

Kirk L. Wehrspan, DC
West Des Moines, IA

Great info and well taught. A wealth of knowledge that all healthcare providers who treat musculoskeletal injuries to the neck and spine should become acquainted with.

Darren J. Werner, PCC Student
Davenport, IA

excellent series of seminars. If you want to be in the PI field this is a “must have” to go on your resume. Don’t let the rest of the field pass you by, sign up today!

Andrew J. White, DC
Kaysville, UT

excellent! I am an avid internet researcher. I have read Dr. Croft’s articles and research for some time but attending his seminar was much more detailed and advanced. If you have never attended Dr. Croft’s seminars, you cannot truly understand and definitively treat patients injured in motor vehicle collisions.

Kevin J. Wood, DC
Fort Pierce, FL

excellent, very professional. Dr. Croft’s course is the most comprehensive post-graduate class I have taken. I feel confident in going out into my community with this advanced knowledge.

Patricia L. Yoder, DC
Belleview, FL

Very interesting, well prepared and everyone (including you) is so much fun to be around. I feel privileged to be a part of something so important.

Jeremy D. Young, DC
Rushville, IN

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