It was very good, probably the best seminar I’ve taken over the last few years. As a licensed physical therapist from Norway and now a D.C., I finally feel confident treating patients with whiplash injuries, but that’s only after attending Dr. Croft’s seminars.

Dag Andersen, D.C.
Skjetten, Norway

Top shelf material and presentation. Be prepared to study the material…then be prepared to change your life. I no longer feel intimidated by these types of cases. I now look forward to them.

David K. Arnold, D.C.
Dothan, Alabama

Five stars across the board! Educational, motivational, and entertaining. Mountains of literature boiled down to the most important facts and concrete research. Explained in a clear, concise fashion. If knowledge is power, then this material taught is pushing us to superhero levels. With diligent continued review and study of this material and future material to come, my partners and I are confident that we can become the practice sought after by PI patients and attorneys and respected by insurance companies.

Michael S. Balfanz, D.C.
Sartell, Minnesota

excellent. The course series has provided me with the tools to add to my practice that I have not experienced in any of my training. The reference list and instruction in the legal environment was invaluable.

Daniel L. Bruning, M.D.
Overland Park, Kansas

This course is vital to anyone involved with personal injury patients. You can’t go into battle unless you arm yourself with this information. My prior knowledge of personal injury was based on second-hand information from misinformed doctors and attorneys. I can now separate the truth from myth and misconception.

Philip V. Cordova, D.C.
Houston, Texas

The quality of the course is second to none. I would recommend it to anyone and will take it again. This course eliminates the fear and headaches surrounding med-legal issues in practice. It gives you the ammunition you need when dealing with third party payers.

Louis S. Crivelli, II, D.C.
Annapolis, MD

Great! Dr. Croft’s seminar on whiplash and brain injury and traumatology is the most complete and interesting seminar out there today.

Philip A. Day, D.C.
Savannah, Georgia

Dr. Croft’s presentations bring together a wonderful blend of experience, med-legal knowledge, and good old common sense. The courses are invaluable in the personal injury arena, in forensic inquiry, and for general practice. The courses are also essential for those doctors who must represent their patients within an adversarial system.

Bill Epstein, D.C.
San Diego, California

excellent! Best evidence-based training I have ever attended. Scientifically valid. This course gives me the best ammunition to counter the dark side of PI treatment.

Clyde W. Esch, B.S., D.C.
Huber Heights, Ohio

To notch–very informative, very thorough, and absolutely worth the investment.

Shane Fleharty, D.C.
Lincoln, Nebraska

To notch. Most comprehensive and highly researched of any I have ever seen. Being a student, I do not understand why people are not very aware of this program. I cannot put the things I have learned into use yet, but I will let you know. I am very excited about using it.

Derrick F. Fultang, Student (SCUHS)
Grandview, Missouri

If a D.C. has any desire to learn how to take care of auto crash victims, this is the course to take. I would recommend this course to all of my colleagues and attorney contacts.
Dr. Croft is the auto crash expert! In my personal life it has opened my eyes and my understanding of how a LOSRIC can affect my activities of daily living. In my clinical experience it has helped me to be a much better clinician to my patients.

Lisa A. Grassam, D.C.
Stuart, Florida

excellent! A vital part of building a personal injury practice.

Jude Guillory, D.C.
Houston, Texas

The quality is excellent. Presentations are very complete. The punctuality is appreciated and is phenomenal. Questions are answered thoroughly and very professionally. I appreciate the detail. For anyone doing/working, wanting to do/work PI cases, the Croft seminars are a must. Being up to date and being on the cutting edge is what the seminars are all about.

Carl H. Heigl, D.C.
Racine, Wisconsin

excellent. I’m very pleased with the education I received at the seminars. It has motivated me to learn more on my own, which, in the end, has helped me tend to my patients with more confidence.

Beatriz E. Hoyos, D.C.
Louisville, Kentucky

The quality of the course is excellent. The material presented is quite detailed and very informative. Dr. Croft touched on many different topics from accident reconstruction to medico-legal issues which will allow me to become a more authoritative figure on the subject of whiplash trauma. This course has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the biomechanical and physiological factors involved in whiplash-type injuries. This knowledge helps us to better explain to our patients the underlying mechanisms of their injuries.

Amish R. Karia, D.C.
Orlando, Florida

Course quality is exceptional, from the anatomy, physiology, spinal mechanics, and
med-legal issues to the professional quality of the material for presentation to patients, attorneys, and insurance companies. The course presentation is so academically researched and presented that I feel comfortable representing my patients in court now that Colorado has become a tort state. Dr. Croft’s are the ultimate!

Paul Kulpan, D.C.
Parker, Colorado

It has been one of the most imformative courses I have attended to date. Where do I sign up for next year? I have a better understanding of whiplash and everything it encompasses.

Kendall B. Marr, D.C.
Owasso, Oklahoma

To notch! The information presented by Dr. Croft is a priceless asset to the physicians treating these types of cases.

Joe Matticks, D.C.
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Professional and well organized – I’m encouraged to come back because Dr. Croft continues to update the material and stay current. It has taught me about whiplash, NOI, and report writing. School did not do this. I don’t fear accepting PI cases because of this training. I know that because I’ve made your course a high priority that I will be my area’s expert vs. local doctors who don’t know what they don’t know. Knowledge is power.

Sean Edward McCauley, D.C.
Gardner, Massachusetts

excellent, an informational overload but in a good way! Knowledge! Dramatically changed my entire thinking and methodology of my PI practice.

Derek McMurry, D.C.
Cincinnati, Ohio

After completing the four modules, I have realized that when I talk to other DCs, MDs, and attorneys, there are really only two distinguishable groups; those who have taken Croft and those who have not. I hate to keep talking in statements that do nothing but flatter Art Croft, but I do not know how you could improve on something that is already so far ahead of everything else out there.

Jeffery S. Mortimer, D.C.
Lexington, Kentucky

excellent! I love the examples Dr. Croft gives – they really help me remember the information. This information given at these courses is so powerful and clear that it has greatly improved my ability and confidence when explaining chiropractic injury, as well as increasing my patients’ understanding and compliance.

Geraldine Mulhall, D.C., Q.M.E.
San Francisco, California

excellent. This course should be offered as a regular curriculum in chiropractic schools. It has given me a profound understanding of the relationship between injury and accident.

Rajiv Nehra, D.C.
Fall River, Massachusetts

I have truly enjoyed this series. Dr. Croft, as I had found when he taught the chiropractic-orthopedic diplomate program, was very candid and clear. An excellent teacher. It set me aside from others as the expert in whiplash.

Douglas G. Pfeiffer, D.C.
Pennsburg, Pennsylvania

This postgraduate training is essential to any doctor caring for motor vehicle crash victims.

James J. Pizzadili, D.C.
Anchorage, Alaska

I feel that it has and will make me a better physician. In understanding more about these injuries, I am able to help the patient better and explain these injuries with better clarity. I have treated CAD injuries for 8+ years and never realized how little I knew until attending this course. The sad part is, I now know that I could have done a much better job for my patients if I had this information earlier.

T.J. Poelking, D.C.
Dayton, Ohio

Superior in information and delivery. Fully loaded – ready to represent myself, my patient, and my profession in and out of the court.

Jason C. Sabol, D.C.
Bakersfield, California

I feel the quality of these courses is outstanding. As a student, this course has been invaluable. The topics that Dr. Croft discusses in his seminars aren’t even addressed in chiropractic college.

Patrick Schambers, Student (Palmer)
Odessa, Missouri

excellent and up-to-date information. Sometimes I feel that there is too much presented and it’s difficult to digest. Nevertheless, this is a very high quality course. I am convinced that chiropractic care is the best solution for whiplash cases. It has certainly made me a better doctor. I feel more professional with so much research to support our treatments.

Kevin Katsuki Shimizu, D.C.
Vancouver, British Columbia

This was the best overall program I’ve done. It’s been 9+ months since it started and I feel I have implemented and/or fine-tuned an incredible volume of data. Indeed, I have reinvented my entire C-spine trauma service. Never again will I hesitate to enthusiastically tackle misperceptions, ignorance, and/or myths in this arena.

Alan Sinner, D.C.
Tacoma, Washington

Superb. As doctors, we should feel compelled to provide our patients the best service possible. I can now say that upon completion of this course, my PI patients receive just that.

Mark A. Stasz, D.C.
Muscatine, Iowa

Staying current on whiplash science allows me to now treat CAD injuries with a confidence not obtained in my initial chiropractic schooling. The content of this course will not only allow me to take better care of my patients, but will take my expertise in PI cases to a level above most chiropractors, medical doctors, and attorneys in my community.

Dennis R. Sullivan, D.C.
Milwaukie, Oregon

These seminars are of the highest quality. Even though I am still a student, I have attended more than 50 seminars, and the Croft seminars lack nothing. Organized, informative, and applicable! (Chiropractic colleges should pay for these seminars to be part of the curriculum – Croft as adjunct faculty.) I graduate in one month and having completed these seminars, I truly feel competent and capable of having a PI practice.

David G. Swiney, Student, (Palmer)
Mukilteo, Washington

I should have taken this course earlier. I have been studying Dr. Croft’s work for years. This course helps put it all together and builds my confidence to keep helping people get better.

M. Kenneth Thayn, DC
Price, Utah

excellent. There is nothing bad to say about this course. I couldn’t image handling one PI case professionally and accurately without this course.

Daniel M. VanderWeit, DC
Round Lake Beach, Illinois

Dr. Croft’s program is a must for any chiropractic or medical doctor practicing in the personal injury arena. The information in the modules
is well organized, comprehensive, supported by scientific literature, and kept up-to-date. Understanding how and when injuries occur in
motor vehicle crashes is essential before treating a patient or entering the medlegal environment. I have been attending the seminars
continuously every year. The program has given me the confidence to treat patients as an expert and to justify and defend my treatment in
deposition, arbitration, or a court of law.

Alireza Bagherian, D.C., C.C.E.P., Q.M.E.
San Francisco, CA

For an attorney, few things can be classified as “career changing.” However; the depth of scientific knowledge acquired from your
organization is one of those few things.

I have spent over twenty-five years as a personal injury litigator, over a decade of which was spent representing insurance companies
and their insured’s. Without hesitation I can say that there is nothing existing on the “defense side” that compares with the science and
training of your organization.

Now, as a plaintiff attorney, I have been extremely successful in bringing to my clients a level of success and compensation for their
injuries, heretofore impossible. The training has permitted me to translate to the jury, finally, why the client is hurt, and a realistic prognosis
in a manner understandable to the average jury. I recommend these courses to anyone in the legal or medical field.

Alexander M. Gelman, ESQ
Gelman Law Group, Mission Viejo, CA

I attended my first whiplash seminar while I was in school after a recommendation from my orthopedics professor. I was so impressed with
Dr. Croft’s organization, attention to detail, and his ability to review current scientific research so effortlessly that I decided to complete the
entire four-module program. I attended CRASH 2002 and the Advanced program-all while I was in chiropractic school! Upon graduation, I
was offered an associate position at one of the largest personal injury medical offices in New York City. I was able to land this position
because of my advanced knowledge in CAD trauma that I received from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD), I recommend,
without reservation, that all students attend Dr. Croft’s seminars while they are still in school. And as for the chiropractors that have not yet

Anthony V. D’Antoni, D.C., M.S.
Staten Island, NY

First rate. Expert information, expertly taught by an expert in a clear, very understandable presentation. In 23 years of practice, this program
is by far the most organized, comprehensive, and information-laden program I have taken. Add being taught by a true “expert in his field”
instructor, and you have an unbeatable combination.

Edward M. Erris, D.C.
Clarks Summit, PA

A high-quality, comprehensive course for physicians who specialize in cervical trauma. The presentations by Dr. Croft and Mr. Zurawski
were excellent. I will certainly recommend this course to my fellow physicians. With this course a physician can feel utmost confidence in
diagnosing and treating a wide spread of hidden pathology resulting from cervical trauma. An excellent course—every physician who
specializes in cervical traumatology should attend.

Johnny Thomas, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.
Carpentersville, IL

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