Outstanding! Art presents the pearls of wisdom that everyone doing P.I. needs to know. This course ties volumes of research and information together for the benefit of our patients and Chiropractic

Jay C. Adams, DC
Burbank, CA

This seminar ranks at the top of most seminars I have attended. This includes quality and quantity of information provided, relevance of information and supporting educational materials. This course has allowed me to make positive fundamental changes in the way I treat personal injury cases and has given me a great booster in confidence on how to treat patients and for case management of MVC cases.

Jeffrey M. Anderson, DC
Lakewood, CO


Pierre A. Beaulieu, DC
Scottsdale, AZ

The course is great! I have recommended it to several doctors. Dr. Croft does a great job with up to date information. Also, Dr. Croft is very professional and I wish he would have taught when I went to school. Dr. Croft gives a logical, clinical, and professsional understanding of whiplash injuries.

Dennis Bonneau, DC
Pembroke Pines, FL

This course has been invaluable to me. Immediately after the first module, I was able to implement many ideas into my practice. This has helped me reach a new level of patient care. Thank you everyone at SRISD.

Patrick M Borja, DC
Reading, PA

I have taken 400 hours at CE since 2001 and I can absolutely say, this course is of the highest quality. The chiropractic and medical professions owe Dr. Croft the highest respect and thanks! He has assimilated an enormous amount of data and science on whiplash, and made it clinically useful for physicians who manage whiplash injuries! This the most scientific course in whiplash and physicians taking this course will benchmark themselves as the experts in this controversial subject.

Darrell Bruga, DC
Los Gatos, CA

The course is outstanding. It gives the doctor a system for protocol for every aspect of treating crash victims.

Harry W. Brown Jr., DC
Jonesboro, GA

High quality, good information, interesting, applicable with good resources available.

Joseph A. Bryson, DC
Woodbridge, NJ

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and quantity of the material presented. It can immediately be implemented upon returning to practice and has had a profound impact on how I approach P.I. cases.

Sheri F. Bunch, DC
Corbin, KY

This course was outstanding, well organized, and the material available, such as the learning tools, are all state of the art. Everyone should take your course.

Thomas A Compana, DC
Piscataway, NJ

Excellent, superb, the best! This course has given me the knowledge and tools to approach whiplash cases with confidence.

Charles Campbell, DC
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

There is nothing better. Art, this course is the best postgraduate seminar I have been to in 12 years.

Dan Cardellichio, DC
Ronkonkoma, NY

Awesome, Dr. Croft is a genius and I love his smooth delivery.

Perry J. Carpenter, DC
Orangevale, CA

Excellent course, well organized, enough information to keep you busy for months after the seminar.

Donald R. Casey, DC
Elizabethtown, KY

Material is excellent and up to date. This course has validated that what we do as chiropractic physicians has an impact on the epidemic of whiplash injury and its long-term effects.

Kelly P. Courtney, DC
Hudson, FL

Excellent. Having taken a great deal of continuing education over the years including the DABCO program, radiology certification, etc., this is the only program that covers the topic comprehensively, from standards of care to protocols and diagnosis, that is all backed by the literature.

Randy J. David, DC
Freeport, IL

Before taking Dr. Croft's classes I did a good job of caring for patients and charting their health problems, but since taking the whiplash program I am much better at both treating and documenting both injury and general practice patients.

Jeff Davis, DC
Brandon, FL

This program gives you confidence and the research is fantastic.

Michael J. DeLucia, DC
Danbury, CT

From beginning to end this course is first rate. Art's lecture style makes for easy listening and learning and the module books are great take home reference material.

Lori Deveuve, DC
Orleans, MA

Outstanding program! The facts, research and overall information is very helpful in not only learning the information, but also how to present it effectively. You guys are great! Thank you.

Jim Donoghue, DC
Sacramento, CA

Excellent quality course with a phenomenal instructor!

Ryan T. DuRocher, DC
Decator, IL

The quality of this course is tremendous. The level of expertise is unquestionable.

David E. Fellerman DC
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Outstanding - Exemplary - Superb - Excellent!

Mark T. Ferraro, DC
Stony Point, NY

Absolutely first class! The best investment I have ever made into my practice. Using the information from this course opened doors I did not even know existed. Thank you so much!

C. Todd Fetter, DC
Winfield, AL

Excellent, I took it back in 1992 and thought it was excellent as well. I appreciate all the work and research that has occurred in the last 10 years to enhance our understanding of whiplash injuries. It gives me a better understanding of the mechanics of a MVA and allows me to give a better explanation to people I am in contact with.

Mitchell Figaj, DC
Orlando, FL

Excellent, outstanding. I took the entire course several years ago. It helped so much, and provided so much information; I wanted to repeat to get the latest updated information.

Richard J. Hages, DC
Metairie. LA

Outstanding! It is obvious that Dr. Croft has put his heart and soul into this program. No other educational information for chiropractors in the field of personal injury compares to this one.

Bruce A. Hansbrough, DC, DABCO
Palm City, FL

I feel that this course is a necessary and essential educational experience for anybody that treats MVC victims.

Christopher L. Higgins, DC
Westminster, CO

Overall the course was great; good documentation and research. Excellent presentation and delivery skills. Dr. Croft's course puts you in the driver’s seat!

John Paul Hodges Jr., DC
League City, TX

Excellent. It has had the most positive effect on my practice than any other postgraduate courses in 15 years of practice.

Kevin J. Holmes, DC
Marion, IL

I think the quality of this course is Excellent. It is obvious that Dr.Croft has a passion for what he does, but also has the same passion to see his colleagues and profession excel as well.
If you want to be an expert, learn from the expert!

Marcus R. Hostetler, DC
Kalona, IA

Very good quality; well presented. Modules were well organized and accompanying books followed clearly. It is the course to attend! Any physician treating patients and these injuries should attend so that they can increase their knowledge and, ultimately, the quality of care they give their patients.

Sheldon M. Hoxie, DC
Merritt Island, FL

Excellent. Far surpasses all expectations! I have a solid, objective understanding of the many factors of WAD. This knowledge has empowered me to treat and manage these cases with absolute confidence.

Scott D. Jones, DC
Woodland Park, CO

My interest level in research has risen greatly. I love learning about the latest literature that Dr. Croft exposes me to. Thank you.

Kevin M. Kelly, DC
Thousand Oaks, CA

This course has provided me with educational tools to properly care for PI patients. Thank you. This course changes lives.

Rob Linton, DC
Mt. Sterling, KY

Dr. Croft’s professionalism and dedication to advancing the profession through research and science should be the standard for the rest of the profession.

Michael C. Lyons, DC
Boardman, OH

The quality of this course is exceptionally high. Material is presented in a clear, exciting way and, most importantly, the material is something that I use daily.

James D. Miller, DC
Stamford, CT

This is one of the best organized and delivered seminars I’ve ever attended. The information is fantastic and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Mike Mashike, DC
La Jolla, CA


Layn F. Miller, DC
Fountain Valley, CA

I am impressed and feel ahead of the game in spinal trauma.

Matthew J. McIlrath, DC
Wilmington, DE

Truly, the most informative and useful knowledge that a chiropractor can take to his/her practice the following day. After 10 years of practice, and countless required and suggested CEUs, this is the best course on the seminar circuit. I look forward to repeating the course very soon.

James T. Overland, Jr., DC
Pahrump, NV

In 19 years of practice, this is the most useful post graduate course I’ve ever attended.

Jeffrey R. Reinhardt, DC
Grand Junction, CO

This course is of excellent quality. Thanks a million.

Brenton G. Schulz, DC
Metairie, LA

This course was very informative with respect to the physics and dynamic motions related to CAD. It has truly inspired me to become a better chiropractic physician. I hope to become a more confident doctor while mastering your course. Thanks, Art.

Clyde W. Sellers, DC
Sullivan, MO

As a chiropractic student, I can certainly see the advantages that this series of courses will give. The presentations were clear and full of information that has been beneficial through my last year of chiropractic college and will definitely be beneficial to my future.

Ed Sosnowski, Chiropractic Student
North Kansas City, MO

It’s excellent! The detailed notebooks eliminate the need for taking exhaustive notes, and that is greatly appreciated! It’s given me the knowledge to be a better chiropractor and has provided me with excellent patient education tools – the poster system and the research literature!

Patricia Velazquez, DC
Walnut, CA

This course has had an immediate effect on my practice and has sharpened my practice protocols. After a weekend at the seminar, I am eager to get to the office on Monday morning, hoping to use what I have learned.

Robert Walker, DC
Stockton, CA

Superb - superior to most seminars in our profession. I am a better servant to my patients as a result of this course. One of the two most important courses I’ve taken since graduating in ’83.

Gary R. Wood, DC
Colorado Springs, CO

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