Extremely informative—the most researched, well coordinated, high tech presentation of the whiplash literature available in chiropractic.

Gregory Baldy, DC
Raleigh, NC


Steven F. Bennett, DC, DABCO
North Little Rock, AR

Excellent—you truly understand the significance of these injuries and you have the references to back it up.

David M. Bentz, DC
LaCrosse, WI

Course quality is excellent, well presented, well documented. It’s good to know we have a champion like SRISD and the collective doctors that have graduated from your course.

Carlos R. Betancur, DC
Springfield, MA

Excellent! Knowledge is power! If you treat/represent whiplash patients, this course is a must!

Anand S Bhakta, DC
Phoenix, AZ


John M. Blalock, DC
St. Louis, MO

Excellent. I really appreciate having all the information presented on the slides and in the notes. I plan on repeatedly taking the course. This course gives me the confidence to know that I can use this information to improve on my handling of personal injury cases.

John D. Blenkuksh, DC
Medford, OR

Extremely informative, well organized, well balanced, and comprehensive presentation. Well done! I’ve taken (and taught) many seminars/conferences in the past 10-12 years; this one rates an “A”!

Gary S. Brandwein, DO
Boca Raton, FL

Excellent information. Good quality. Strong and informative.

Richard L. Brent, DC
San Francisco, CA

Good. Very informative. This has helped me in understanding in-depth about motor vehicle injuries and in return my ability to treat my patients better in the future.

Gurmohan Brar, MD
South Windsor, CT

I thought the course was excellent, providing information that I didn’t have knowledge of before.

Nick J. Brennan, DC
Hermitage, PA

The material and presentation are wonderful. It solidifies chiropractic and my expertise.

Ronald A. Brodkin, DC
Boca Raton, FL

Excellent quality—valuable information. Knowledge is power!

David W. Bunganich, DC
Chico, CA

Excellent. It is a must for any DC who wants to treat patients that have been in motor vehicle collisions.

Harlan Burhans, DC
Corpus Christi, TX

Very high quality. The material is backed by experience and research.

Lynn G. Carter, DC
Gainesville, GA


Joseph M. Casalino IV, DC
Barrington, RI

Dr. Croft has assembled an impressive array of the most current literature on whiplash.

Michael Cirisano, DC
Franklin Square, NY

Outstanding. Increased my knowledge about CAD. Made me more confident and a better doctor.

Hasim Cosovic, DC
Chicago, IL

Excellent, great content.

Russell K. Davis, DC
Jacksonville, FL

The extensive research and literature contained in the course gives the doctor the opportunity to become an expert on this field.

William DeMio IV, DC
Towaco, NJ


Brian I. Deutsch, DC
New York, NY

Top of the line and up to date. I plan to attend the course in the future.

Franklin Dowler, BS, DC
Villa Grove, IL

By far the most informative and useful course I have attended. Due to the fact that I haven’t graduated form school yet, I can safely say that I am light years ahead of my peers.

Albert C. Doyle, Chiropractic Student
Houston, TX

I am much better prepared to help my auto crash patients than ever before. The documentation behind this course is great.

Richard H. Emery, DC
Kansas City, MO

Excellent. Wonderfully presented. I have more confidence in treating patients and justifying the care I give them. I truly feel that Dr. Croft is a true leader in the whiplash field and excels in combining masses of information into a useable form.

Daniel J. Eoriatti, DC
Black River Falls, WI

10/10. My confidence level in what I’m talking about to patients is higher than it has ever been.

David K. Erb, DC
Irving, TX

By far, the best whiplash education anybody might receive. Dr. Croft educated me to a level that I feel comfortable with when dealing with CAD trauma. I look forward to new and challenging cases.

Steven M. Ess, DC
Rochester, NY

Very good. Gave a level of confidence that I am more prepared and educated as far as personal injury practice is concerned.

Ronald E. Emmerson, DC
Merced, CA

I feel the course was presented at a superior level of quality. Materials are very well organized and written. The information gathered after attending these modules has had a tremendous effect on the strength of my narratives and my confidence in helping defend my work in the legal setting has been greatly enhanced.

Jon A. Fields, DC
San Fernando, CA

The quality cannot be improved. It is an educational phenomenon. On average I take about 120 continuing education hours per year. This has been without a doubt the best prepared, researched, taught, and organized course that I have had the pleasure to participate.

Michael C. Flynn, DC, DACRB
Pittsburg, PA

Excellent—the best.

W. Albert Forwood, DC
Wilmington, DE

It is obvious that a great amount of work and dedication went into the presentations. This course is going to bring to my practice the quality of care and knowledge that is necessary for the proper management of MVC patients.

J. Allen Fralicker, DC
Jacksonville, FL

Extremely informative and well presented.

Jeff Friedman, DC
Brooklyn, NY


Richard K. Frey, DC
Stroudsburg, PA

Good course, my second time. First in ’92. Well organized. This course has improved and updated my understanding and management of CAD trauma.

Curt W. Furbee, DC
North Fort Myers, FL

The quality of the course is excellent. I have enjoyed Dr. Croft’s presentation manner and humor. I’m looking forward to the advanced program.

Mitchell Fleischer, DC
Reno, NV

Great material. Every chiropractor needs this information.

Kenneth D. Fust, DC
Las Vegas, NV


Kelly M. Gibson, DC
Vista, CA

Excellent! Most comprehensive course I have ever taken relating to auto injury.

Stephan S. Giltz, DC
Farmville, VA

As a new practitioner I have found the information practical and user friendly. I feel the quality is very good. It has provided background knowledge and awareness of protocol that is essential for treating my patients to getting them well.

Mark E. Godfrey, DC
Wolcott, CT


Richard H. Golde, DC
Eau Claire, WI

Outstanding; powerful; professional; and best in the field.

Olivia D. Grajeda, DC
North Windham, CT

Excellent. The most organized, up to date program I’ve attended. Great information and presentation.

Thomas L. Green, DC
Lincoln, NE

Excellent content and quality. Invaluable information for doctors treating patients involved in MVC’s. This course gave me information and viewpoints that increased my awareness and confidence.

Darren Grozier, DC
Phoenix, AZ

There is no equal on this topic. The material is current and comprehensive. The program is well organized, planned, and controllable.

Michael E. Hagen, DC
Colorado Springs, CO

I give SRISD an A+ rating for a superbly run course. Croft and company are a “true” credit to our profession. This is “no charade.” Thank you.

Davin L. Hagman, DC
Maple Valley, WA

It’s incredible, I have learned so much. I now have a detailed understanding of the cause and effect for car crash injuries, treatment and prognosis.

Daryl Haight, DC
Lubboch, TX


Douglas J. Hanks, DC
West Burlington, IA

Top notch—A+. Most organized I have ever taken, with notes that have solid information. Art has empowered us with the most powerful weapon any treating physician can use—knowledge.

Eric A. Hanks, DC, CCSP
West Burlington, IA

Most excellent, revealing, well documented seminar I’ve been to. The student will come away with both the basic knowledge as well as the resource for further advanced knowledge.

Philip Hardinger, DC
Lakewood, CO

The quality was excellent. I only wish I took your course sooner!

Jeffrey L. Hayden, DC
Galesburg, IL

Very impressed with Dr. Croft’s knowledge and humorous delivery.

Sid Hendricks, DC
Farmington, UT

Outstanding, and I don’t use that word very often!

Jon K. Heyer, DC
Oak Forest, IL

Above and beyond the call of duty. Loved it.

Robert R. Holland, DC
Honolulu, HI

Incredibly different from the 1994 course. I will need to take the yearly course in San Diego to keep up to date.

Alan Irving, DC
Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Great. Lots of information. Can’t wait to incorporate into practice.

Hanif Ishani, DC
Glen Ellyn, IL

Very pleased. The course material not only provided validation of what our clinical experience has already demonstrated to be effective in rehabilitating victims of motor vehicle crashes; it also supplied us with the means to readily explain these concepts.

Jeffrey R. Kamper, DC
Woodbridge, VA

Very valuable and factual information. This course serves as a huge advancement in the field of soft tissue injuries and chiropractic, as well as in my office treating patients.

Arlene Kazio, DC
Matawan, NJ

A wealth of useful information; well organized, presented, and referenced. An honest and ethical approach in an industry that is all too often portrayed and perceived as somewhat less than honorable.

Richard K. Koch, DC
Edgewater, MD

In a word—fantastic! It has made me more confident in not only validating my treatment to others, but more importantly, easier ways to explain the injury to my patients who, unfortunately, sometimes gets the least information.

Mark G. Kohn, DC
Allentown, PA

Good course and information. Very useful information to help me feel more confident in management of soft tissue injuries involving vehicular collisions.

Timothy M. Kosterman, DC
Clinton, NC

Excellent! First time in 1992. Second time now for refresher. You can never know enough about whiplash and this brings you closer to anything out there relative to whiplash trauma.

Andrew J. Krashnak III, DC
Plymouth, PA

The quality of this course was excellent. The quantity of information was first rate.

Gary R. Laux, DC
Sayville, NY

Excellent. Raises the quality of case management and services that I offer my personal injury patients, and ultimately makes me a better chiropractor.

Thomas J. Lee, DC
San Ramon, CA

Great! Very informative. I basically structure my personal injury work with the information I learned in this course.

Andrew M. Leitzke, DC
Newark, DE

Very informative, material intensive, useful facts.

David J. Lenkewicz, DC
Providence, RI


Roy T. Lewis, DC
St. Paul, MN

The highest quality. Great presentation.

Robert P. Luca, DC
Brooklyn, NY


Brittain Lukens, DC
Versailles, IN

This course gets the Oscar award for “best course/seminar of the year.” This course has helped me re-think and re-organize my procedure for care of personal injury patients and has run over into care of other patients.

James M. Lukes, DC
Winter Haven, FL

Great program.

Terry B. Magdovitz, DC
Brandon, FL

Very good. One of the best seminars that I’ve had the pleasure to attend. Worthwhile investment.

Richard R. Mathis, DC
Tallahassee, FL

Excellent course. State of the art information to integrate into my practice. Chiropractors who focus on car accident treatment that haven’t been through this course are frankly performing a disservice to their patients, the community, and the profession as well.

Kevin McDermott, DC
Bear, DE


Richard W. Merritt, DC
Lakeland , FL

Excellent! It is making me feel more confident on personal injury cases.

Kay A. Miller, DC
Fond du Lac, WI


Leo R. Minsky, DC
Deerfield Beach, FL

There is no doubt that this in-depth course deserves a five-star rating in respect to the quality, both in course content and presentation.

Steven J. Moran, DC
Scotts Valley, CA

The quality if this course is “first class.” It was presented in a professional and understandable manner. I am very satisfied with all the aspects of the course. The wealth of knowledge acquired from these seminars will be beneficial to me for years to come.

Anthony P. Murray, DC
Brookings, SD

Great! Top notch. If you expect to treat even one auto injury, you need this course.

Jeff Norman, DC
Layton, UT

I feel the course was very good. I learned an incredible amount of new information. It was worth every cent.

Troy Norris, DC
Boise, ID


Eugene L. Rizzo Jr., DC
Bossier City, LA

Great class!! Second time graduate. A must for all DC’s. Dr. Croft displays his knowledge in a systematic, organized, and well documented manner. A+++!!

Joseph D. Salamone, DC
Fairfield, NJ


Deborah M. Sanderson, DC
Charlottesville, VA


Amy J. Nussbaum Schubbe, DC
Appleton, WI

Great. Allows me to better serve my patients.

Brent E. Sells, DC
Columbus, OH


Brian M. Shepherd, DC
Sacramento, CA

For every doctor who treats personal injury cases, this course is an absolute must. The highest quality course I have ever attended.

Lawrence E. Schechtman, DC
Coconut Creek, FL

I am very pleased that I took the course. A complete “A to Z” course on whiplash for a chiropractor—a must for anyone interested on treating whiplash patients.

Peter Slavin, DC
Niles, IL

Excellent quality, excellent presentation.

Kosta Sotos, DC
Schaumburg, IL

Best course of its type in the world.

Randall I. Sprague, DC
Bellevue, IL

The best course, with the best information, presented very professionally.

David B. Starkey, DC
Orange Park, FL

Excellent. Dr. Croft utilizes the latest technology to clearly and effectively present the information with great impact. This course empowers the doctor with the knowledge to effectively treat whiplash patients.

Glenn R. Stengel, DC
Myrtle Beach, SC

It was excellent! The reference material has been a huge asset to my practice. My narrative reports have improved dramatically!

Karen Stone, DC
Gainesville, GA

Excellent—easy to follow and very informative.

Karen B. Strahl, DC
Silver Spring, MD

Very informative—a wealth of priceless information.

James M. Strubbe, DC
St. Petersburg, FL

Phenomenal. My reports have become very specific, especially with the use of the references that have been taught.

Mark J. Stubbendieck, DC
Media, OH

Phenomenal. Dr. Croft is an awesome communicator and he has the ability to condense a lot of information and make it understandable. Superb audio-visuals. Keep up the great work. More DC’s need to do the program.

Raymond J. Sue, DC
Portland, OR

Great information. Well done. Makes me a better chiropractor and helps to advance chiropractic.

Raymond M. Sykes, DC
Port St. Lucie, FL


Lauri Taylor, DC
Lincroft, NJ

Excellent! No seminar comes close!

Dean R. Trotter, DC
Peoria, IL

Excellent! The information has given me the added confidence to be better able to diagnose and treat accident victims. Thanks for all your work.

Nathan Unruh, DC
Sioux Falls, SD

Excellent information and interpretation of the literature! After each module I have been able to actually use the information in practice.

Wendy L. C. Varish, DC, CCSP
Howards Grove, WI

Excellent information that I have already used in practice. All the references are great resources.

George P Varish III, DC
Sheboygan, WI

The quality of this course is unparalleled. This is by far the biggest bang for the buck.

Patrick B. Waikem, DC
San Antonio, TX

Very informative, loaded with information.

David C. Walker, DC
Orlando, FL

Wonderful, masterful. A must for anyone who treats patients involved in auto crashes.

Mark E. Walter, DC
Allentown, PA

High quality presentation in an easily understood and interesting format. This course has also given the tools for providing the highest quality patient care.

Terry A. Ward, DC
Mattoon, IL

Excellent! Anyone who does personal injury work—this course is essential for your success! Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Laura-Beth Williams, DC
South Williamson, KY

Fanatastic—very well put together.

Glenn Winnestaffer, DC
Gahanna, OH

The information and materials and the way they were presented were very easily understood. Quality was top-notch.

Jeffrey M. C. Wong, DC
North Aurora, IL

Excellent! I wish I had taken this course four years ago when I first became aware of it.

Jeffery A. Wood, DC
Bakersfield, CA

Excellent program. Up to the moment information.

Alice E. Wright, DC
Hatfield, PA

Top of the line!

Terry Ziegler, DC
Grafton, WI

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