The quality and content are excellent!. I can tell Dr. Croft takes great pride in keeping up to date on all current literature. He makes it easy for everybody to read the most pertinent information.This course gives me the ammunition and the confidence to become an expert in whiplash. After each seminar, I go back to practice energized.

Kurt E. Adams, DC
Anchorage, AK

Outstanding, thorough, well presented! I would have loved to have the classes closer together, because each one left me anxious for more.

Laurie J. Andreoni, DC
Folsom, CA

First class quality. The seminars are well organized and continuously keep up with current research and literature. I have gained confidence and have learned skills and information that separates me from many other doctors in my area.

Alireza Bagherian DC, CCEP
San Francisco, CA

It is nice that high quality courses like this are available for continued education purposes. This is the best-continued education course I have attended in 11 years.

Jeffery W. Baker, DC
Salem, OR

This course has given me the knowledge and power to properly defend my treatment protocols and injury sustained by my patients.

Jay C. Bayles, DC
Westlake Village, CA

Excellent! Dr. Croft has created a series of seminars that are not only very informative but also very realistic.

Douglas S. Bell, DC
Hayward, CA

I believe that this course is of high quality. It is presented in a professional manner and with excellent! audio visual aids. The medical books are easy to follow along with and make a great reference for later use.

Christopher P. Benoit, DC
Gloucester, MA

Good. Interesting. Very helpful in overall management of whiplash cases.

Joseph F. Binkley II, DC
Junction City, KS

The best whiplash course I have ever taken!

James R. Boots, DC
Kimberly, WI

Excellent information, practical, well delivered.

Jason R. Brintnell, DC
Minot, ND

I enjoyed the course for its broad scope of topics covered. It is a very high quality seminar in its materials given and the way the lectured materials were presented, i.e. PowerPoint, Video’s etc!

Troy Brunke, DC
San Rafael, CA

This seminar was of the highest quality. It was well organized, easy to follow and very professionally done. This was an absolute fantastic seminar.

Corey J. Brunner, DC
Boylston, MA

Very, very good! Great literature and very thorough!

Matthew Burrow, DC
Phoenix, AZ

Course was excellent!. Note packets are the best I have seen. Dr. Croft was a modest, self-effacing speaker who had tons of knowledge to share.

Peter D. Carr, DC
Gig Harbor, WA

Quality and quantity is of highest standard.

Christopher E. Carter, DC
Scottsburg, IN

Excellent, always enjoy Dr. Croft’s program.

James J. Cassidy, DC
East Windsor, NJ

Very good. Not only has this course helped my diagnostic abilities, it has validated and cleared my understanding of how patients are injured in motor vehicle crashes.

Christopher C. Cecil, DC, DABCO
Albuquerque, NM

Great! This course allowed me to gain a greater insight into whiplash.

Tia Chang, DC
St. Paul, MN

The series of seminars have been excellent!. They have been organized and presented such that the next seminar built on the previous ones. As a student, I have been to many seminars. This ONE seminar teaches you something that you can use in practice.

Wesley Chiao, DC
San Francisco, CA

Excellent! It is a necessity for all DC’s.

Stephen L. Childress, DC
Marion, VA

Superior to other Post Grad courses.

J. Chris Connerly, DC
Santa Fe, NM

I thought it was excellent!. I decided to open my own practice based on what I learned from Dr. Croft.

John Considine, DC
Brighton, MA

Excellent course, very professional and put together well. Audio visual was excellent!. Course content is overwhelming.

Ronald A. Coscuna, DC
Oceanside, CA

Good! It is the most all-inclusive information on the subject available.

Troy E. Counselman, DC
Topeka, KS

Excellent! Outstanding! Sign Up Now!

David Cruz, DC
El Cerrito, CA

Excellent! Cutting-edge information presented in a user friendly way.

Richard J. Cusick, MD
Wilmington, DE

Excellent course. Best available on these topics!

Michael D. DiGregorio, MD
Las Vegas, NV

It is setting the standard for all doctors treating patients involved in motor vehicle accidents.

John R. Dixon, DC
Woodbury, MN

I feel it was very informative, well put together.

Richard A. Doom, DC
Toledo, OH


Tina Dunlap, DC
Orangeburg, SC

Excellent information, excellent! materials, excellent! visual aid, excellent! program!

Ted J. Dunn, DC
Chillicothe, OH

Outstanding. One of the most empowering courses I have taken.

Thomas Randall Eldridge, DC
Denver, CO


Kent J. Erickson, DC
Brooklyn Center, MN

Excellent course work, easy to follow, informative notes, useful immediately in practice.

Mitchell E. Falk, DC
Mullins, SC

11/10 – excellent!! All of the information was factual and documented very well, unlike many other seminars/training sessions that are not backed by research.

Robert J. Fenell, DC
Tulsa, OK

Great, very professional. The course speaks to chiropractors who every week face the issues discussed by Dr. Croft. Very thorough and up to date.

David J. Fieldgate, DC
Acton, MA

Excellent, I first attended this series of courses in 1994. It was first-rate then and is even better in 2000.

Charles P. Fleming, DC
Broken Arrow, OK

Very good. A well-organized course consisting of relevant material. This has helped me to provide more effective management of personal injury cases.

Bruce Stephen Forciea, DC
Wauwatosa, WI

It is the most informative course on whiplash I have attended.

Jeffrey W. Frost, DC
Chandler, AZ

The whiplash series was the most organized seminar series that I have ever been to. The material was unmistakable and pertinent to my practice.

Nick Gagich, DC
Grand Prairie, TX

Excellent up to date information in a concise easily understood manner. Whiplash 2000 has given me the confidence and certainty in every aspect of management in auto crash patients.

James Avery Gallup, DC
Del Mar, CA

Excellent. The most up to date whiplash course ever.

Joseph M. Gambino, DC
Stamford, CT

Excellent! Extremely well organized, researched, documented and fabulous books of notes with each module. Dr. Croft is an extremely good author, teacher and public speaker. This is a fabulous, foundational course that should be taken by all chiropractors that deal with whiplash victims, which are a large percentage of many chiropractic practices.

Robin I Glass, DC, DABCN
Bloomfield, NM

It is professionally designed and highly informative.

Jerry Willis Goss, DC
Wilkes Barre, PA

Great course! I will be back next year.

Gary J. Graziano, DC
W. Springfield, MA

Absolutely the best. It is a must for every doctor treating whiplash patients.

William L. Grisham, DC
Campbellsville, KY


Jerry B. Guevara, DC
Cold Springs, CO

The information, references, and examples given were expertly organized and presented so that it was very easy to assimilate the material and build a good foundation for more in depth study and understanding. This is by far the most complete course I have taken. This course helped me not only to help my CAD patients, but to also be a better doctor overall. Dr. Croft’s course helped me to raise my level of documentation completeness and patient care the ability to communicate clearly with my patients and other professionals.

Mary Beth Guevara, DC
Colorado Springs, CO

Excellent, far and above all I could have imagined. This is the most comprehensive course on a subject that I have attended. Not only do you learn the academics of whiplash, but practical applications of your practice.

Elizabeth Guimont, DC
Portland, OR

Excellent! It has been very helpful in the management of personal injury uses. Love the references. Course is solid and very enjoyable. Writing reports are a breeze and I no longer avoid them.

Michael W. Hall DC
Dallas, TX

The class is well structured, well documented, annotated, delivered and understandable. I had fun doing this program.

Lyle L. Hawk, DC
Rowland Heights, CA

Extremely well organized, accurate. Very impressive quality.

John R. Hamilton, Jr. DC
Greeneville, TN


Christopher A. Heeb, DC
Bridgeton, MO


Joseph Hodges, DC
Harbor, OR


Deirdre J. Huber, DC
Auburn, NY

Excellent. This course is a must for all chiropractors. It has definitely increased my ability to doctor my patients.

Adam Introna, DC
Iowa City, IA

Excellent information and presentation style, extremely useful and practical.

Kerry A. Ito, DC
Stockton, CA

Excellent course, state of the art. Cutting edge information on current research, insight into management/treatment of CAD patients.

William F. Ittner, DC
Seaside Park, NJ

Excellent! Highly structured on subject, documented science, not junk science.

Richard D. James, DC
St. Charles, MO

The best seminars I have attended. This course has renewed my interest in learning. It is not full of opinions, but rather is based on facts, which I can revert to in the future.

Quinn J. James, DC
St. Charles, MO

Beyond excellent!, the presentation and material are the gold standard for our future for the care of our patients.

Michael James Johnson, DC
Hanover Park, IL


Ben S. Kaplan, DC
Amherst, NH

Excellent--world class. Up to date scientifically researched basics for treatment and medical opinion. Keep up the good work.

John P. Kardynalczyk, DC
Bloomington, IN

Excellent! Good analysis of subject matter. Experience speaks volumes.

Bart J. Knudson DC, MD
Medford, OR


Jason J. Koenig, DC
Hoover, AL

I truly appreciate Dr. Croft’s efforts and dedication on the field of soft tissue injury. This course is the course every chiropractor should take!

David Koh, DC
Dallas, TX

An excellent! course. I was able to apply what I learned starting the very first day after Module 1. The entire seminar series was real world oriented and the information provided was applicable to a real world practice such as my own.

Craig A. Krachi, DC
Kihei, HI

Excellent, very organized. Following the notes/binders you give out at each module is great; it allows you to get a lot out of the seminar. Has greatly increased my confidence and I would recommend it for any other physician or attorney.

John A. Kulig, DC
Alsip, IL

First rate, complete, concise and professional with chiropractic in the forefront.

Gregory P. LaGana, DC
Brookline, MA

Excellent! As a student, it has given me great ideas and valuable information on how to run (even start) my practice.

Danielle L. Lajeunesse
Auburn, NY

Excellent and extremely well organized! Whiplash 2000 has been the most comprehensive course I have ever taken.

J. Mark Laney, DC
Augusta, ME

Excellent, I have recommended this seminar to many people.

Steven J. Lipp, DC
Minot, ND

Very good, plenty of additional material to make it quickly applicable. Broke down intellectual barriers and instilled confidence to be able to talk to anyone anywhere about CAD injuries, treatment, and prognosis.

Paul J. Loch, DC
Exeter, NH

A+ - Very well organized, 1st seminar I have ever attended and felt I received my money’s worth. Thank you for the opportunity to attend your course/seminars.

Carlo Longobardo, DC
Worcester, MA

Very high quality! The materials are of very high quality, easy to use. I learned a lot and it was fun! Gave me confidence in what I know.

Richard T. Lyon, DC
St. Charles, IL

Excellent course!

Keith Madden, DC
Pittsfield, MA

Excellent, practical information. I could not ask for more at far as the information provided and taught. Invaluable!

Charles E. Mail, DC
Brighton, MA

Excellent. Very informative and detailed.

Paul A. Mandich, DC
Highland. IN

Excellent. This course has given me all the information and facts I need to reposition myself as the authority on whiplash in my community.

John P. Manfredi, DC
Mt. Vernon, NY


Christopher E. Manley, DC
Sioux City, IL

First class! Dr. Croft presents a program that not only provides all the latest research but also gives all the methods and tools to apply it to practice.

Donald E. Marx, DC
Crowley, LA

Excellent. It is the best course I have ever attended. I feel it can truly empower me to become an expert on whiplash. The wealth and magnitude of the information is staggering.

Donald B. McAskill, DC
Danville, IL

What can I say? The best course I have ever taken.

David M. Merchant, DC
Scottsdale, AZ

This is an excellent! course. All 4 modules were very well prepared and presented extremely well. Dr. Croft has spent many years researching, studying and developing information related to CAD injuries. This knowledge is extensive and his materials are extremely helpful in practice.

David M. Meadors, DC
Mission, TX

This is an awesome course! Dr. Croft helps our profession put our knowledge into action ethically and powerfully as it relates to CAD trauma.

Jimmie Miller, DC
Brentwood, CA

This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive course in whiplash offered to our profession. The course was presented to not only educate the physician to all aspects of CAD injuries but also to expand the knowledge to apply to understanding the mechanism of crash injuries. It is a must for all physicians and I endorse it wholeheartedly. Dr. Croft deserves the highest accolades for this high caliber course.

Michael A. Miller, DC, CCSP
Norwood, MA

The quality of your course is superlative in nature and should be required material for every chiropractor.

Craig R. Morris, DC
Plymouth, WI

Excellent – everything is backed up and documented.

Terry L. Moyer, DC
Bethlehem, PA

I can honestly say I really looked forward to each module. Excellent material, presentation along with up to date research evaluation and interpretation. Material relevant for immediate use in my clinic.

Kenneth F. Muhich, DC
Scottsdale, AZ

I was pleased with thoroughness and applicability of the information presented in all four modules.
I am enthusiastic about the tremendous help I can offer my practice and my community as a result of the knowledge obtained here.

Chett E. Nelson, DC
Goshen, IN

Excellent. Everything was backed by solid research. It was extremely informative.

Edward Patrick Olff, DC
Fresno, CA


Kevin R. Orloski, DC
Park Ridge, IL

Excellent! There is no other course available that can give you proper tools you need to work effectively in the personal injury arena.

Lisa Diane Ortiz, DC
Laurel, MD

Excellent! This course will bring you up to speed on the current research and findings concerning whiplash.

Mark R. Potter, DC
Arlington, MA

Oustanding, first class!

Thomas O. Prebeck, DC
Cary, NC

Topshelf! Research based, quality science with practical application.

Richard J. Rappa, DC
Wallingford, CT

Excellent presentation throughout all 4 modules.

Stephen George Ray, DC
Beaverton, OR

Triple A. This is a vast body of information presented in an organized and thoughtful manner which I recommend with out reservation.

Wayne M. Redding, DC
Manteca, CA

The course and associated materials are an absolute must for the chiropractor who treats MVC-PI cases. The information that has been compiled and presented defines explicitly the absolute necessary role of chiropractic care in the proper management of acceleration-deceleration soft tissue injuries.

Christopher John Reid, DC
Springfield, IL

I found this course to be very informative. Dr. Croft has not only opened my eyes to the importance of all aspects of CAD trauma, but he has also stimulated my clinical thought process concerning this topic. I am prepared to apply the knowledge I have gained from this program to further enhance my practice. My patients will be better off as a result. Dr. Croft keep your enthusiasm on this program – its’ contagious.

Robert P. Rice, DC
North Aurora, IL

I really feel that all DC’s who work with accident related patients should attend this course, because it keeps us on top of our profession.

Nephi Riordan, DC
Maricopa, AZ

Excellent presentations – I have learned much. Knowledge is power, and Dr. Croft has given me that knowledge.

Arthur W. Robbins, III, DC
Lynn, NC

Content – Excellent. Presentation – Excellent.

Fred J. Roberto, DC
Powder Springs, GA

It is a great course for any chiropractic physician.

Evan Seth Rost, DC
Fair Lawn, NJ


Tim R. Sain, DC
Richmond Hill, GA

The quality of the entire program was superior. I have attended many different seminars over 26 years of practice, I have not attended one that was so organized, informative, and on time!

Del Schaeffer, DC
Albany, OR

Excellent class.

Jerome R. Schuler, DC
Minot, ND

Excellent. I especially like the organized notes.

Stephen L. Shields, DC
Windham, NH

Excellent – very valuable, usable clinical information. Appreciate multi-discipline approach/acceptance and scientific emphasis. Dr. Croft is an exceptional communicator. This course has given me the confidence and “know how” to successfully treat my MVA patients.

Tamara J. Shober, DC
Louisville, KY

This course was great. I give it a 10+. This course has helped me to know that there is viable research to help us substantiate our TX to patients.

Brent D. Siemens, DC
Bethany, OK

The quality of this curse was top notch. It was time and money well spent.

David W. Simmons, DC
Temple City, CA

Excellent! The tools were provided to better understand the complexity of whiplash issues. Most important, the information is organized to enable effective assimilation and use of it.

James R. Sipes, DC
Tulsa, OK

I felt it was an excellent! course. Tons of powerful useful information presented in a way you can understand and utilize.

Richard N. Sothier, DC
Augusta, ME

Superior in content, presentation, and resources available.

Charles F. Smith, DC
Rushville, IL

The best postgraduate program I have taken in over 10 years in practice; worth the trip to Boston.

Gerard J. Smith, DC
Nesconset, NY

Superior! Cutting edge quality and information.

Scott D. Sneller, DC
Sioux City, IA

I thought that the series of seminars was excellent!. This course has given me much more confidence in treating injured patients.

Michael Sorah, DC
Cervallis, OR

I was very satisfied, well informed and entertained. This course was “no fluff”; Dr. Croft used his experiences to solve many of the problems I had experienced in my practice.

Kelly L Stanfield, DC
Effingham, IL

Great! Dr. Croft’s information is unmatched.

Daron Stegall, DC
Topeka, KS

Excellent; great information I was able to use immediately.

Ted Stephenson, DC
Bryan, TX

Excellent content.

Jeffrey A Stoltenberg, DC
Fresno, CA

Outstanding! Dr. Croft and his seminar make me proud to be a chiropractor. Our profession needs more heroes like Dr. Croft.

Jeffrey S. Stone, DC
Santa Barbara, CA

Excellent! Having taken this course, I now feel confident in my ability to express an expert opinion in understandable lay terms.

Anna N. Storozuk, DC
Holyoke, MA

Excellent! The quality of this course is unsurpassed. I have been in practice for 5 years. This program has been without a doubt the best I have attended.

Sam Stramara, DC
Watertown, WI

Fantastic! Honestly the best seminars I have been to - well presented, interesting, and very relevant. Well worth flying across the Atlantic Ocean for! Dr. Croft’s course has given me confidence in dealing with CAD injuries, a topic that was not well covered in school.

Jennifer E. Stengler, DC
Essex, England, U.K.

Dr. Croft’s commitment to refinement and perfection are evident each and every time I have sat through the whiplash series. Now is the time to unite and become a part of a paradigm shift in the science of whiplash!

Michael P. Szatalowicz, DC
Brookfield, WI

Excellent! The logical and sequential presentation of the material allows for an incredible understanding of CAD trauma.

Thomas F. Terbilcox. DC
Prairie Du Sac, WI

This program scores a 10/10 on quality, 10 being the greatest.

Donovan L. Thomas, DC
Monahans, TX

My feelings about the quality of this course; one word – Excellent!

James H. Thompson, Jr. DC
Gladstone, MO

Awesome! Great information and presented with authority and flair.

Lynn R. Thompson, DC
Chippewa Falls, WI


Gabriel Torres, DC
Canoga Park, CA


Michael R. Treinen, DC
Cortez, CO

Excellent, Art does a professional seminar. The information is the best and up to date.

Alfred A. Ueda, DC
Novato, CA

Well worth the time, effort, and money. The dialogue between Dr. Croft and audience keeps you awake. The information he presents is cutting edge, top shelf, and valuable.

John Warner, DC
Colorado Springs, CO

This course has given me all the information I need to perform at my best as a treating doctor for MVC. Thank You! Best-organized seminar I have attended since 1985.

Ronald B. Williams, DC
Vallejo, CA

I have enjoyed the material presented in the course, and have had many occasions to implement this information.

Kathleen Wisdom, DC
Crestwood, KY

Excellent! Knowledge is power!

Timothy B. Wisdom, DC
Crestwood, KY

Excellent overall. I enjoyed the course very much.

Michael S. Wong, DC
San Francisco, CA

Excellent. Whiplash 2000 has changed the way I will practice forever. The information presented will make any physician an expert in whiplash traumatology, if she/he uses it.

Gregory T. Wright, DC
Brewster, MA

The quality has been outstanding! All 4 modules have been very rewarding.

Todd M. Wulf, DC
Fayetteville, AR

They are the best and most useful seminars that I have been to in 16 years of practice. The vast number of useless/boring seminars is supremely frustrating. These seminars actually immediately enhance my ability to practice better.

Terry Ziegler, DC
Grafton, WI

Excellent! I enthusiastically send you praises with other doctors in Alaska. I now feel very competent handling more complicated patient case histories and issues regarding apportionment since taking this course.

Rosemary E. Zimmerman, DC
Anchorage, AK

The best course I have ever taken. The principles applied from each module paid for the tuition many times over. After taking the course, I feel completely qualified and capable of handling CAD trauma. The principles applied allow me to mange a case far better than most other providers.

Mark D. Zuber, DC
Richardson, TX

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