Tony Aboudib, DC
Fort Worth, TX

The course content and Dr. Croft’s knowledge was outstanding.

Waleed M. Abul-Hawa, DC
Alexandria, VA

It was very good. I have already used much of the information I have gained in my practice.

Manfred H. Ahnen, DC
Mesa, AZ

Excellent presentation and valuable information.

Joan Amtoft-Nielsen
Cary, NC

The quality of this program is absolutely second to none! Thank you … I’ll be back!
Dr. Croft has organized an incredible amount of information and scientific literature. I find myself using it daily in my office.

Karl E. Anderson, DC
Waite Park, MN

The course materials, and presentation and explanation of same, have been excellent in my opinion.

James E. Applegate, DC
Bensalem, PA

Excellent! I hope the author, Dr. Croft, stays around for a long time. I appreciate his dedication in putting this material together for the enlightenment of the practitioner.

Porfirio Arteaga, DC
Santa Maria, CA

Excellent! The course gave scientific validation to documentation, treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis.

Robert J. Astroth, DC
Palos Hills, IL

Great! Wonderful – complete education on whiplash!

Peter Atwell, DC
Holly Springs, NC

Very informative and everything presented was easily applied to daily practice issues. Very professionally done. This program has given me a greater confidence in dealing with all aspects of practice.

Brett H. Baird, DC
Navarre, FL

Excellent! I feel fully confident to defend myself, my treatment, and chiropractic in regard to CAD injuries.

Michael J. Barrett, DC
Richmond, IN

The quality of this course was top notch. The information presented was cutting-edge and backed by science, not just someone’s opinion.

William Bendell, DC
Randolph, MA

I first started this program for the sole purpose of writing better narratives, but ended up taking all 4 modules. The program has increased my confidence and knowledge in the treatment of whiplash.

Raymond C. Billingsley, DC
East St. Louis, IL

Excellent. High-quality information. Very valuable. I appreciate the work Dr. Croft has done to advance the knowledge of CAD injury. It’s good to know that a chiropractor is at the forefront of knowledge in the area of whiplash. We are lucky to have Dr. Croft.

Karen L. Bisesi, DC
Carmel, IN

Good quality – learned a lot. I feel much better prepared to examine, diagnose, and treat MVC patients. Organized, concise program to back up our ethical and effective treatment of MVC patients.

Gary A. Blabey, DC
Oakton, VA

I thoroughly enjoyed all the research and information. This course has helped me gain a better understanding of the mechanics of whiplash injuries and in explaining those injuries to my patients.

Christine Boccelli, DC
Cumming, GA

Most comprehensive information available to the practicing chiropractor.

Daniel E. Bontrager, DC
Marianna, FL

As usual, second to none.

Carlos M. Boileve, DC
Chicago, IL

I feel very happy with the course. Dr. Croft knows his stuff and really wants his “students” to know it. There is an amazing amount of information presented in this course! All of it is useful!

Dino G. Bosco, DC
Libertyville, IL


Brad R. Bingham, DC
Florissant, CO

Best course I’ve even taken! I normally go to seminars hoping for one or two clinical gems that I can implement on Monday morning at my clinic. This course had so many that I lost track of them after the first hour of Module 1.

Lester Brayham, DC
Essex, England

Excellent – very detailed. In-depth understanding of cervical trauma at high and low-speed impact collisions.

Dennis M. Brooks, DC
Roseville, CA

Absolutely outstanding! The “gold standard” for this area of information in our profession!

Randall Brown, DC
Sacramento, CA

Dr. Croft’s preparation and presentation were top-notch!

Clifford E. Bryant, DC
Greeneville, TX

Excellent! The course has given me confidence in dealing with MVA-type cases.

Paul S. Bryngelson, DC
Florence, KY

Over the past 10 years of practice, this program is by far the most impressive educational experience I’ve had.

Dan Cardellichio, DC
Ronkonkoma, NY

I am only two years out of school, so consider myself pretty inexperienced. These seminars have boosted my confidence with all aspects of my patient care.

Cheryl T. Carlson, DC
St. Cloud, MN

The quality was superior to any other course I have attended. Dr. Croft is a very knowledgeable and dynamic speaker. I feel I now have a good grasp of “whiplash” and how to treat/manage it!

David G. Cholewinsky, DC
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

The highest quality. This is the most complete and thorough program on whiplash that I have seen. This program gives you the knowledge and skills to practice P.I. with authority, competence, and integrity. Great program!!

Vinson Christenson, DC
Carson City, NV

Very complete. Dr. Croft is always an interesting, very knowledgeable, and motivated speaker.

Kathy M. Clark, DC
Burlingame, CA


River Cocco, DC
Boulder, CO

Great – very thorough.

Everett A. Combs, DC
Greenwood, IN

I enjoyed the course and found it to be very informative and the information given in the course can be put to use immediately.

Jason Conviser, DC
Phoenix, AZ

The best course I’ve ever taken. Art is intelligent, interesting, and very well read. I’m very impressed.

Elizabeth A. Cooper, DC
Urbana, IL

The information Dr. Croft has gathered for this seminar is cutting edge. The seminar is well organized and easy to follow.

Paul H. Corfman, DC
Florence, AL


Robert J. Costanzo, DC
Waterbury, CT

Excellent and concise material that I used the next day in the office. As a practicing chiropractor for 22 years, I have not found a whiplash course that has met my clinical needs better than Dr. Croft’s.

Kelly W. Crooks, DC
Washington, PA

Excellent quality.

Richard Culhane, DC
Tucker, GA

This is by far the best and most usable information on soft tissue injury. It is presented in an understandable fashion. Thanks for the help.

Wade Curry, DC
Dothan, AL

The highest caliber course combining Dr. Croft’s continuum of knowledge and years of experience.

Paula DiMaio, DC
Melmont Park, PA

The amount of information in this course is fantastic. All doctors that treat patients involved in MVCs should take Dr. Croft’s seminars; the presentation of the material is first rate. This program has given me the confidence and ability to present myself as an expert.

Craig DeFries, DC
Corpus Christi, TX

Good - the graphics are good and Dr. Croft really knows his stuff.

Robert P. Devine, DC
Edwardsville, IL

The information is top notch. Dr. Croft’s a great instructor. The information is laid out well in all four modules.

Kevin DiBella, DC
Gastonia, NC

This was one of the best educational seminars for the dollar, with information that you can implement once you finish each module.

George Wayne Durkin, DC
Columbia, SC

Excellent! This is the best course I have taken in 17 years of practice! The information presented was interesting, but also practical and relevant. Art is the master and his presentation comes across inspirational and very educational – never boring.

James A. Eckert, DC
Norwich, CT

Outstanding! Would recommend to anyone.

Dan E. Egbert, DC
Riverton, UT

Very high quality — very thorough. Gave me a new way of assessing and treating my patients. Scientific knowledge that is clinically applicable.

Xavier Elain, DC
Chicago, IL

This is the best course I’ve ever taken. The information is so powerful that I have repeated the course after a few years to stay on top of the most recent literature. The quality of the course is rated A+ in my opinion.

Michael Fedorczyk, DC
Oxon Hill, Maryland

Fantastic!! This program is well worth the cost!

William L. Fielhaber, DC
Rochester, MN


Robert W. Fugitt, DC
Sacramento, CA

Very professional atmosphere and Dr. Croft does a great job of keeping things moving and productive. I really felt like this information was the most current and state-of-the-art throughout the healthcare profession.

Dwayne Thomas Gard, DC
Madison, GA

The four modules are excellent in quality and fill in a lot of the gray area in the PI world.

Chris S. Gibson, DC
Sacramento, CA

This is the most informational program I have ever attended. Art Croft is a true credit to our profession. Every DC should attend these modules.

Philip G. Giger, DC
White Oak, PA

A perfect 10.

Mark J. Glesener, DC
St. Charles, IL

This course was highly organized and informative. I feel as though this course added years to my experience in just a few months.

Todd J. Glidewell, DC
Clarks Summit, PA

Excellent quality! What a powerful way to protect the health of my patients.

Deborah Goldsmith, DC
La Habra, CA


Andrew R. Gorski, DC
Warrenville, IL

I felt the quality of the course was excellent. The amount of information in these seminars is immense.

William Gustafik, DC
Hayward, CA

Excellent quality!! Not only is the material presented professionally and interestingly – but the module books are worth their weight in gold.

Edward P. Harkins, DC
Metuchen, NJ

Great course! Authoritative and dramatic.

Gilbert Hakim, DC

The quality of this course is excellent. The information that is given is powerful. “Knowledge is power” – this is what the course has offered to my practice.

Michael C. Hays, DC
Lodi, CA


J. Reinaldo Heredia, DC
Winter Haven, FL

Great material – great presentation. A must for any chiropractor who treats personal injury patients.

James R. Hidalgo, DC
Las Vegas, NV

Excellent! What I learn over the weekend, I can use on Monday.

Shell Hillis, PhD, DC
Midland, TX


Kevin J. Holmes, DC
Marion, IL

I thought the quality of Dr. Croft’s lectures and information books was excellent and easy to follow and comprehend.

Richard L. Hruby, Jr., DC
Waukesha, WI


John Hui, DC
Oakland, CA

Excellent course!

Gail A. Hume, DC
San Jose, CA

High quality. Very informative and current. The material and information given is updated and cutting-edge!

Nikoo Javanmardi, DC
San Rafael, CA

Good content and factual data presented in a logical and entertaining manner. I have a better understanding of MVC and feel that I am better able to evaluate and treat the patient. I have better skills to document and report their case.

Jeff K. Johnson, DC
Lincoln, NE

Great. Well worth my time. Very valuable information every DC should know.

Wayne Johnson, DC
Layton, VT

Everything about these modules is of high quality and pertinent information necessary to treat chiropractically today. It has given me the tools necessary to help my patients and be the best chiropractor possible!

Eugene R. Kats, Jr., DC
Lansing, IL

Very informative and eye opening.

Brian M. Kean, DC
Greenville, NC

Excellent! Very useful information.

Jack Keyser, DC
Palatine, IL

Excellent! More than I expected. It has given me the knowledge to deal with these cases with much more confidence.

Cynthia Lacunza, DC
Redding, CA

Excellent! This course has provided me with legitimate research that I can use.

Scott Lakes, DC
Richmond, IN

Excellent! A wealth of very useful, well-integrated, and current information.

Robert M. Lamb, DC
Gilbert, AZ

I enjoyed the course and felt it was very informative. Taking the four modules was money well spent and I will recommend that my colleagues take these seminars.

Cheryl Lawrence, DC
Concord, NC

Of all the seminars I have attended, the Croft course is by far the most beneficial, educational, and motivating. It has changed the way I practice and made me a better healer.

Daniel R. Lommell, DC
Moline, IL

Great! Extremely informative.

Paul Lyons
North Plainfield, NJ

Great! Dr. Croft is an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable on the material presented. Dr. Croft has allowed me to better take care of my patients because of the knowledge I have gained.

Reuben M. Malkiel, DC
Norwalk, CT

High quality. Lots of usable information.

David C. Martinez, DC
Mulvane, KS

Unique avenue of vital information not available through everyday practice situations.

Richard Matteo, DC
College Point, NY

The content and quality are the best I’ve ever heard or experienced. The current information is simply that; current! This course has helped give me confidence!

Timothy R. McMullen, DC
Liberty, MO

Quality is, bar none, excellent.

Demetri G. Meimaris, DC
Englewood, NJ

Very good. This course has reinforced some things I have already been doing and caused me to change other things.

Jack Charles Mills, DC
Sikeston, MO

The quality of this course is excellent!

Hunter A. Mollin, DC
Seneca Falls, NY

Good quality information. Very informative. Great exposure to research.

Bryan Moore, DC
Bonham, TX

Very impressed with the overall quality of the program. This course provides access to objective sources that confirm what chiropractic physicians have been quoting for years.

John D. Moore, DC
Orange Park, FL


David S. Munro, DC
Lincoln, NE

Excellent! Updated, advanced, powerful, first-class seminar.

Hubert Ng, DC
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Extremely helpful in explaining all elements of whiplash cases.

Glen J. Nisivoccia, DC
Mokena, IL

Simply the best seminar out there. The course has provided an abundance of quality information with available references for success.

Dale L.J. Nodrick, DC
Dillon, SC

First class all the way!

Ken Odegaard, DC
Minneapolis, MN

Material is always up to date. I feel it is very high quality with respect to other seminars with similar topics.

Brian K. Olson, DC
Yankton, SD


Keith J. Oudenhoven, DC
Appleton, WI

There is a wealth of high quality material presented in a fashion that makes it easy to understand. This course gives us tools that we can take home and implement into our practices.

Mark D. Paunicka, DC
Urbana, IL

It was great! It was by far the best postgraduate course I have taken. Great notes and references.

Robert Pedersen, DC
Brick, NJ

A++! A great course. Information provides confidence in what we do and how we do it with regard to soft tissue injuries.

Jeffrey Wade Phillips, DC
Redlands, CA

Excellent! Gave me an organized way to catalogue most all of the details in spinal trauma cases.

Ernest C. Pike, DC
Reno, NV

Outstanding and fun!

Kenneth Plaut, DC
Ventura, CA

Compared to other courses, Dr. Croft’s speaking ability is superb. His knowledge based on his research is tops. This program is without a doubt the best course for our (chiropractic) profession. I would personally suggest/recommend my colleagues attend all four modules. It’s the most beneficial seminar course that you will ever take.

Joseph P. Pozzi, DC
Donora, PA

Excellent content and presentation. Useful right away in my office.

Richard J. Ranicke, DC
Brown Deer, WI

This course defines quality. Superb content and delivery. Dr. Croft’s course is dynamic in content. Highly organized and to the point!

Gilbert James Roberts, DC
Hamilton, MI


Philip E. Roberts, DC
Fort Smith, AR

Quality is very good. Seminars are organized, run on time, and are entertaining.

Brian J. Russell, DC
Elmhurst, IL

Excellent! Informative and fun.

Don E. Schmidt, DC
San Diego, CA

Excellent! My second time through.

Richard Schmitt, DC
Annapolis, MD

Awesome. Dr. Croft has a great ability to take complex data and make it easy to understand. My narrative reports and notes are so much better after taking the course. It has made a great difference in the quality of my practice.

Craig Selinger, DC
Lexington, KY

Excellent. Helped me to communicate complex issues in a simple, understandable way.

Randall R. Shaffer, DC
Fairborn, OH

Excellent in detail, scope over a topic that is not covered in chiropractic school, but which we, as doctors of chiropractic, are called to address daily.

Ron Shepherd, DC
Le Claire, IA

The course has allowed me to get a “true” understanding of the whiplash syndrome and the ability to communicate it to patients.

Lawrence A. Shipley, DC
Granite City, IL

The course is excellent. It is the most informative and scientifically based course covering CAD trauma that I’ve seen. The information presented is the most organized, scientifically based, and useful information that relates to CAD injuries.

Joseph M. Silva, DC
Hendersonville, NC

Outstanding! Art leaves no stones unturned with this course. He justifies every issue covered. I’m most thankful that he is a chiropractor!

Richard V. Simeone, DC
Mt. Pocono, PA

Excellent! The manuals are easy to follow and I like the idea of listening and studying the slides without having to write all the time.

Scott Simkowski, DC
New Berlin, WI

I felt this was a very informative and educational course. Dr. Croft did an excellent job of combining the current research with his own experience to give us a well-rounded look at the issues. As a student, this course introduced me to a wider range of possibilities for a practicing DC and the role we can play.

Kevin Snyder
Mansfield, OH

Excellent! Best seminar series I have yet attended. Dr. Croft has done his research and is very prepared.

Ryan R. Stilson, DC
Danville, CA

Thought it was very good. Plenty of valuable information. The information is solid, well documented, and presented in a way that is relaxed and rewarding. A must for the treating doctors, as well as IME doctors who want to provide fair, detailed examinations.

Michael Stirpe, DC
Syracuse, NY

I love this course.

Christopher M. Stock, DC
New Albany, WV

This course was packed full of information. It was well worth the time and money!

Shane M. Stotts, DC
Danville, VA

Excellent. I have a lot of great information, techniques, etc., to implement.

Thomas H. Stuebe, DC
San Diego, CA

Excellent! Up-to-date information.

Kornelius Subadya, DC
Alhambra, CA


James C. Sylvia, DC
Kinston, NC

Great. Very organized with no interruptions and smooth flow. Very detailed, seems to offer more than I thought I would ever need.

Robert Tiepermon, DC
Lufkin, TX

Great, great information. I feel like this program has given me the tools to better deal with MVCs from intake forms through treatment and final reports.

Steven C. Trauben, DC
Washington, DC

Very high quality, lots of information, access to articles, and more information.

Michael Vajda, DC
Middletown, CT

Top notch – world-class notes!

Niels Wagner, DC
Oakland, CA

I felt as though the quality was very good. Dr. Croft was very informative and presented the information in a logical manner.

Todd Waldron, DC
Warren, OH


Mark R. Wallace, DC
Kansas City, KS

Excellent – very informative. A course that I would recommend to all chiropractors.

Barbara Whelen, DC
Bayport, NY

This course is scientific and practical in treating patients and understanding the mechanics of CAD injuries.

William R. White, DC
Arvada, CO

Excellent course…the quality and depth of the material cannot be matched elsewhere.

Steve Whitelaw, DC
Fayetteville, AR

Very good presentation by Dr. Croft. Material presented was extremely valuable.

Robert Williamson, DC
Chicago, IL

Top shelf – no stone left unturned. Every facet of cervical whiplash injuries has been covered in a thorough and professional manner.

Jerry F. Zajac, DC
Crown Point, IL

Five stars! Excellent information – quality presentation.

Michael C. Zumstein, DC
Roseville, CA



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