This has been very informative, as well as very entertaining. The classes were very thorough and yet light and relaxing. The books and visual aids were great. This has prepared me to care for CAD patients and prepare better narratives and prepare for depositions and court testifying.

John J. Albracht, DC
Amarillo, TX

The total package was professional, organized, up to date, and top notch. Nothing else compares. With each seminar/module, my confidence level increased.

Matthew T. Antczak, DC
Woodstock, IL

The information was fantastic. Utilization of the material taught by Dr. Croft was immediate. It has allowed me to become stronger in PI cases. The quality of information made this course very cost effective.

Susi M. Anrig, DC
Fresno, CA

Very good. I learned a great deal which was very helpful to my practice and my patients. This course should be “required” for all chiropractors who treat whiplash patients. Current research plus organized presentation reinforce the importance of documentation in personal injury, as well as in caring for the average chiropractic patient.

Diane M. Barton, DC
Flossmoor, IL

Outstanding. The course is clear, concise, current, and cutting-edge. Certainly a benefit to anyone interested in this area of study. This is the standard to which others will be compared.

Robert A. Bartosh, DC
Danville, IL

This course should be part of all chiropractic colleges’ curriculum. Excellent material. I gained confidence in treating and will be able to better educate and manage patient care.

Larry W. Basch, DC
Placentia, CA

This was the best-organized seminar series I have ever been to. The content of all the courses was excellent, and I have spoken to others very highly of the information I have learned. I now understand and can explain to others the CAD mechanism.

Brian L. Bennett, DC
Villa Park, IL

Excellent! I’ve had the pleasure of listening to several different whiplash “experts”, but never have I had a clearer appreciation of what the relationship between what happens to a vehicle upon impact and what happens to the human body upon impact is, and, often more importantly, isn’t, until taking Dr. Croft’s seminar.

Lori L. Bents, DC
Marshfield, WI

Excellent course!

Cliff Bost, Jr., DC
Peachtree City, GA

Certainly the highest quality of its kind available. I now have an enthusiasm for treating PI patients, which I didn’t have before.

Ruth Bowen, DC
Longview, TX

Top-notch. Anyone wanting to develop a PI practice needs this course. Information, information, information!!

Patrick E. Caiafa, DC
Spotsylvania, VA

Excellent! Organized, well presented, and informative!

Timothy J. Cardile, DC
Sulphur Springs, TX

Well-organized information; well documented. Shows both the strengths and weaknesses of various opinions. Provides documentation for and against various ideas and misconceptions surrounding CADS.

Louis S. Carr, DC
Orem, UT

The course was very good. I especially like the books “word for word” so I could listen.

Stewart Chapman, DC
Wichita Falls, TX

Very good. The course has provided the tools for me to be an expert.

Matthew S. Cho, DC
Silver Spring, MD

Excellent! Invaluable, very informative, and up to date. Dr. Croft is a true leader in our profession – this course should be a requirement! Most of all, it has built confidence and given me important tools I’ll surely use.

Marie Mendoza-Cipollo, DC
Tucson, AZ

Very good information, very well presented. Easy to listen and learn. Dr. Croft is a very good speaker.

Barry L. Cole, DC
Dyersburg, TN

Super course, professionally done and presented.

Larry Cole, DC
Memphis, TN

I felt that the course was of the highest quality and the best compliment I can give is I feel that because of it I am a better doctor.

Robert Conti, DC
Hackensack, NJ

Dr. Croft is very knowledgeable; “he knows his stuff.” He has a plethora of powerful and useful knowledge beneficial to all chiropractors.

Gloria M. Contreras, DC
Burlingame, CA

This course is first class. I learned more in one weekend with Dr. Croft vs. years of study with other courses.

Kevin J. Cowgill, DC
Marysville, OH

Very good quality and many good, practical, real world applications that were helpful the following Monday in the office. Attending Dr. Croft’s seminars have given me the confidence to more aggressively enter the personal injury arena armed with the latest knowledge as researched by the scientific community.

David S. Creamer, DC
Worcester, MA

Quality of material presented was excellent. I’m prepared for the defense of my patients in a way that is truly professional, and prepared with confidence.

William D. Collins, DC
Hemet, CA


Chris T. Culpepper, DC
Little Rock, AR

This is an excellent course. Dr. Croft has shown himself as a true professional and is thoroughly knowledgeable in CAD exam, diagnosis, and treatment. I have been empowered to both improve my knowledge of literature regarding CAD injuries, evaluations, and treatment and my presentation of reports and expert testimony.

J. David Currie, DC
Fremont, CA

This course was excellent. The subject of whiplash was thoroughly defined and explored. I enjoyed Dr. Croft’s experiences to help piece information together. I feel totally confident in treating whiplash injuries and representing my case in court.

Daniel Czelatdko, DC
Eau Clave, WI

Excellent information and instruction. Great venue and facilities. Exceptional, detailed, and the most current information fully referenced by independent researchers.

Richard L. Dailey, DC
Lancaster, CA

The content and quality were excellent. This course has helped me improve the quality and certainty of the PI portion of my practice. The program is top quality in its presentation as well as a practical application to practice.

Ronald E. Dalton, DC
Hammond, IN

It was a good course. Well worth the money invested. A lot of practical advice that can be implemented immediately.

Ronald J. DeFrance, DC
Odessa, TX

Very useful information. You can take this course and implement the information on Monday.

Janet Jeranek-Delgreco, DC
Woodstock, GA

Very good, interesting, educational, practical, professional. It more than adequately equips me to handle PI cases, as well as other cases relative to chiropractic practice.

John R. Delisi, DC
Fort Lee, NJ

Informative. Has helped to have a better understanding about auto injuries and areas to benefit patients.

Phyllis Dellacroce, DC
Mechanicville, NY

The quality is excellent. This course covers every aspect thoroughly and with excellence of the issues of whiplash today. I am confident of my knowledge and preparedness to confront the myriad aspects of this very large and complicated epidemiological problem.

James J. Derbes, DC
Brentwood, TN

The course was of high quality. Visual aids were excellent. Gave me the power to handle tough chiro-legal issues.

Guy DiMartino, DC
Valparaiso, IN

Dr. Croft has developed an extremely professional program that covers all of the requirements to be a specialist in treating whiplash injuries.

Rick L. Enlow, DC
Fort Worth, TX

Helped me to gain the confidence and capability to achieve a successful chiropractic practice.

Donald Ellis, DC
Mobile, AL

Professional!! Organized!! Value 10X over!

Philip A Facquet III, DC
Farmingville, NY

This program is the most in-depth resource of information on the current literature supporting soft tissue injuries. Keep up the good work. See you in San Diego in November for the Advanced Program.

Mark Fedorczyk, DC
Bowie, MD

I think the course was very informative and well organized. The course was packed full of information that will enable me to do the very best job possible for my patients.

Gregory E Ferch, DC
Boise, ID


Jeffery Fishel, DC
Arcola, IL

Very informative. Important information for dealing with the quickly changing medicolegal issues of today.

Anne FitzPatrick, DC
Staten Island, NY

Excellent! The material is presented in a clear, concise, user-friendly manner. Keep up the good work!!!

Mark W. Ford, Jr., DC
Pampa, TX

This is my first post-graduate course. I have recommended this course to other doctors. The information was excellent.

Michael D. Gallagher, DC
Madison, WI

Excellent modular format, class handouts are current and relevant. Enjoyed learning this information. I feel more confident in my approach and treatment of patients with CAD injuries. Thank you.

Erwin Gemel, DC
Windsor, ON


Michael V. Giacoppo, DC
Phoenix, AZ

Was well worth the investment and would recommend this seminar. The profession needs more authoritative leaders such as Dr. Croft.

Steven P. Giacoppo, DC
Phoenix, AZ

The research and documentation that Dr. Croft uses in his course makes it one of the premier courses offered in the country. Dr. Croft has made a tremendous effort in his presentation of how to improve the standard of care within his great profession.

Brian S. Goldberg, DC
New York, NY

I hope no one gets an inflated ego here, but I think it could be used as a standard for most other post-grad courses to live up to. True information and communication resources for the physician who has anything to do with patients injured in MVA’s and constant reminders for treating and practice management of all your patients.

Mark J. Gould, DC
McHenry, IL

This is the best course I have ever taken.

Dan Hafner, DC
Oakdale, MN

Super, I’ll be back! The section on apportionment alone was well worth the tuition.

Michael J. Hahn, DC
Bettendorf, IA

The quality is awesome! “Second to none”. (Especially the fact that everything is referenced and simpilified into charts, notepads, slides, etc.)

James G. Halvorson, DC
Cypress, CA

Fantastic help! This course provided the format to handle my PI practice with confidence.

Mike Henderson, DC
Herndon, VA

Excellent, lots of good information and well organized. This course has given me more confidence on medico-legal matters.

William T. Hendrick, DC
East Hampton, CT

This has been by far the most useful seminar I have attended. It was presented in a manner through which the vast amount of material available could be digested/assimilated effectively.

Jeff Hennes, DC
Wichita, KS

Very good. It was the best seminar that I have ever been to. Notes were very good.

Doug Herbert, DC
Riverside, CA

Very good. Dr. Croft is well versed and presents a tremendous amount of info in a very understandable manner.

Michael D. Hinkens, DC
Lompoc, CA

I compare all other courses to this one, I consider it the gold standard. This course makes me realize how important the scientific core of our education is.

Anthony Houssain, DC
Palatine, IL


Henry Husodo, DC
Anaheim, CA

Excellent! The explanations alone were worth the price of admission. Dr. Croft’s enthusiasm was contagious.

Neil Kamerling, DC
Hauppauge, NY


Mark J. Keenan, DC
Allison Park, PA

Excellent--thorough and voluminous quantities of information. This course makes one take a closer look at what we do and why we do it and builds a broad foundation.

Steve Kellenberger, DC
Elgin, IL

The quality of the course was excellent. I would and have recommended this course to others.

Andre Knecht, DC
Sanford, NC

Understandable, well presented, and most applicable to practice. All of the material was well referenced so I could present it and demonstrate that it was not just my opinion.

Lee S. Knight, DC
Lowell, MA

As good as I’ve experienced anywhere in the area of coursework covered. This information fills in the missing pieces and gives credibility and confidence in treating whiplash cases and defending the same with hard science.

Aaron A. Koepp, DC
Ft. Collins, CO

This course was highly informative. Dr Croft has shared his knowledge, research, and experiences which has built up my confidence in treating the personal injury patient.

Michelle Kotin, DC
Winchester, VA


Michael W. Krebill,DC
Colorado Springs, CO

Excellent! One cannot practice without a working knowledge of Croft’s material, whether it be a personal injury or everyday practice.

Robert H. Larson, DC
Billings, MT

Very good quality. In any seminar you always look for that one or two “pearls” you can take with you and implement in your practice. This course has a wealth of pearls that can be easily and quickly utilized in any practice.

Darrell S. Lavin, DC
Castro Valley, CA

Excellent! Worth going through again. I took this program in 1992 and thought the presentation was fantastic! Last year I took this program again – lots of new material in this ever changing medico-legal arena and I haven’t been disappointed. Over the years, I try to get Dr. Croft’s seminars whenever I can.

Robin R. Lecy, DC
Rapid City, SD

First class. The most pertinent seminar concerning whiplash injuries and chiropractic.

J. Terrance Leong, DC
Temecula, CA

Excellent. Five times the information I ever expected to receive.

Arthur I. LeVine, DC
Hollywood, FL

Extremely informative.

David S. Levine, DC
Plainview, NY


Faye LeVine, DC
Atlanta, GA

Good smooth transition to different topics – interesting. Discard your ignorance, knowledge is protection. I will continue to learn from this course in the months to come.

Steven Liston, DC
Vancouver, WA

I have used Dr. Croft’s materials extensively since I began the program 2 + years prior. I recommend completing the program because the material is up to date, well presented and well documented. I regularly recommend it to colleagues.

Donald Littlejohn, DC
Chester, NY

Tremendous! This seminar will bolster your confidence.

D. L. Luebbe, DC
Moline, IL

Excellent. Made me more confident in evaluating and treating MVA patients. I’ve received many compliments on my reports (personal injury or otherwise) since taking this course.

Mark Lueck, DC
Boston, MA


Angela Lundy-Piper, DC
Bryan, TX

Simply the best seminars I have ever attended.

John A. Lutecki, DC
Dunmore, PA


Richard K. Madsen, DC
Salt Lake City, UT

Excellent! Very good material. Excellent presentation. First rate all the way!

Robert J. Mann, DC
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Excellent. Informative. Awakening. It brings into focus the importance of documentation and proper report writing in a medico-legal case.

Bruce P. Maring, DC
Tallahassee, FL

Excellent information given by knowledgeable people.

Denise A. Martino, DC
Bronx, NY

Very satisfied; consists of a lot of material to digest, assimilate, etc. One would need to go through this course a couple of times.

Richard J. Martis, DC
Pekin, IL

Very good. It has improved the quality of my narrative reports and treatment planning for my personal injury cases.

Charles E. Mascenik, Jr., DC
Baltimore, MD

I feel the course is well worth the time and money invested.

Francis J. McCaffery, IV, DC, MS
Philadelphia, PA

Excellent. To specialize in whiplash treatment is a public service!

James W. McCann, DC
West Springfield, MA

Excellent and informing. Provides the opportunity to be prepared.

Dwight M. McCoy, DC
Sycamore, IL

It was an excellent course. The audiovisual materials were very professionally done, the manuals were also very professionally done and presented the material very clearly and concisely and above all, Dr. Croft’s delivery was impeccable.

Sharon K. McCray, DC
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

The best, no one comes close to this program. After 21 years in practice and countless times in court I now have the tools to be the best that I can be.

Clair R. McReynolds, DC
Stillwater, MN

Exceptional. I can now document, support, and direct patient care in MVA’s with complete confidence.

Bryce J. Milam, DC
Portland, OR

This course was well laid out and organized. It covered the essentials of what we should know in treating soft tissue injuries.

David S. Milot, DC
South Boston, VA

The most comprehensive course I have taken.

Thomas D. Mistretta, DC
Hermitage, PA

Excellent! Knowledge is power.

J. Kenneth Moore, DC
Denton, TX

Great, informative. This course has given me confidence.

Greg Morecraft, DC
Anaheim Hills, CA

Quality – excellent. Enlightening, powerful, first-class.

David W. Muir, DC
Las Vegas, NV

The best. I recommend it to my colleagues.

John C. Murphy, DC
Kenosha, WI

Top of the line. Sharpened my diagnosis and treatment skills and tools/references are at my fingertips.

John P. Murphy, DC
Madison, WI

Excellent – top notch! This program provides powerful tools to improve every aspect of your personal injury practice. Well worth the investment!

Lyle A. Murrow, DC
Tucson, AZ

I feel that it has helped me in history taking and report writing; even my examination procedures. This course is the most comprehensive and informative program going.

James R. Neary, DC
Santa Barbara, CA

Incredible! Very informative, well structured and enjoyable. Held my attention throughout.

Kenneth L. Newhouse, DC
Ellisville, MO

Overall – very good. This course changed my ideas about whiplash and gave me a lot of confidence to defend my treatment and my patients.

Michael A. Noonan, DC
Old Town, ME

The course is excellent! As a student, I feel this course has put me in a position well ahead of my colleagues. Very well put together and well referenced.

Kenneth J. Olson, DC
Bettendorf, IA


James T. Overland, Sr., DC
North Las Vegas, NV

Very informative, keeps your interest. Can take info home and use the next day. Best grad level course I have taken.

Gary L. Pagenkopf, DC
West Springfield, PA

The organization, presentation and content of this program was “first rate”. Dr. Croft is a knowledgeable researcher and good teacher. I am honored to have him in our profession!

Nicholas F. Palmieri, DC
Linden, NJ

Knowledge is power and I have gained a lot of knowledge from this program.

Jay R. Pratt, DC
Grass Valley, CA

Very good. Dr. Croft is extremely knowledgeable and prepared and is very interesting and entertaining.

Michael J. Patria, DC
Stratford, CT

Good quality. I like that it’s based on recent literature and not hype like other courses I’ve been to. This course has given me a greater confidence in treating MVA patients.

Mark A. Pederson, DC
Hudson, WI

Overall extremely good and very informative. Dr. Croft’s encyclopedic knowledge and application of the available data inspires you to be the best you can be in this extremely important area of practice.

Rocco Pellegrino, DC
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Very professional! This has been a very informative course and has greatly improved my ability and confidence on dealing with the treatment of CAD injuries.

Linda R. Peters, DC
Taunton, MA

Excellent, fantastic; all I needed to know and was afraid to ask.

Garrett J. Ray, DC
Camden, AR

Excellent information and presentation. In my opinion, the best in the business!

Charles R. Renick, DC
Irmo, SC

The quality and quantity is excellent. The information is practical and can be utilized right away in practice. I feel more knowledgeable and confident practicing in the personal injury arena. The literature is solid and the information allows for practical application.

Stephen F. Renner, DC
Spokane, WA

Excellent content, preparation and presentation.

Keith R. Roberts, DC
Encinitas, CA

For sometime we have planned and budgeted to attend this course. There are other areas in our evaluation of our decision to be here that have all been positive, but the quality of content ranks above all others. Of all there is to choose from regarding opportunities for advancing our educational, informational, and knowledge in the whiplash arena, I firmly believe that this course sets the standards.

Roger W. Roberts, DC
Sierra Vista, AZ

The course is great; everything you need to know about whiplash is here. It has set me on a course to bring the power of chiropractic to people who need it most!

David J. Ross, DC
Irwin, PA

Dr. Croft’s course was superb.

Marcello Salzano, DC
North Las Vegas, NV

Excellent! Every word that came out of Dr. Croft’s mouth was backed up by the latest clinical research!

Raymond V. Satterwhite, DC
Kansas City, MO

Excellent. This course has given the confidence and tools to back up my treatment and gives me the ability to make attorneys understand the importance of MVC’s.

Lou Saucedo, DC
Dallas, TX

Quality is excellent. Well thought out and presented. The information you need to know to effectively treat personal injury patients without the useless “feel good” aspect that many other seminars seem to focus on.

Paul Shain, DC
Albuquerque, NM


Dazzle B. Shrestha, DC
Fort Worth, TX

The course is very well presented covering all aspects of the personal injury case. The amount of information is quite abundant, giving the doctor a chance to take themselves to whatever level they would like.

Brian Siegerman, DC
Bettendorf, IA

I have attended others, and have found this course to be most practical and useful in my practice.

David Silbert, DC
Southgate, MI

Excellent. I learned about practical data and information I did not know before, and feel so much stronger treating personal injury cases.

Ramin Siroosian, DC
Garland, TX

Great information!

Wade D. Skogman, DC
Seymour, WI


Lance Silverman, DC
Chattanooga, TN

Great! Very thorough!

Larry E. Simon, DC
Garden City, SC

Excellent! The course totally upgraded my narratives and gave me a lot more confidence in what I do.

Ken Sistino, DC
Chicago, IL

Good material and presentation. Very much utilized in practice.

Lalit Sodha, DC
Middlesex, UK

Changed my personal injury practice dramatically. The quality is excellent. Art is the master.

Jamie G. Spickelmier, DC
Henderson, NV

The quality of the information given and the way it is presented is outstanding (and comprehensive). This course has raised my awareness about many issues that are very important in today’s practice.

Jeffry T. Stallings, DC
Owensboro, KY

Excellent. Very useful information.

Craig T. Stefanczyk, DC
Kohler, WI

Great! Has improved my confidence and competence.

Daniel C. Strong, DC
Neenah, WI

Succinct and to the point. All issues appear to have been addressed. I appreciate all of the literature citations. Dr. Croft takes the time to answer our questions, it’s not a one sided dialogue.

Christopher I. Szpila, DC
Wood Dale, IL


Cary G. Tannery, DC
Dallas, TX

Excellent information. Very practice friendly. It’s given me the tools and the ability to use them.

Lisa M. Tenold, DC
Eau Claire, WI

Informative with excellent presentation and references.

Toole K. Theppote, DC
Dallas, TX

Great information in an organized presentation. This provides the DC with scientific information to document trauma cases beyond any other seminar I have ever attended. Keep up the good work!

Ib Thostrup, DC
Racine, WI

Excellent. This course brings the chiropractic profession to a higher standard. Thanks very much.

Dominick Tomasino, DC
Chattanooga, TN

Beyond excellent.

Stephan R. Traficante, DC
Altoona, PA

Very high standard. For European standards a highly recommendable course. Very professional presentation of the latest on CAD traumatology. I’d always wish the weekend never ended – every millisecond counted.

Lars Uhrenholt, DC

The quality of this course has been excellent.

Duane F. Vincent, DC
Laredo, TX


Daniel J. Wagner, DC
Santa Barbara, CA


Pamela J. Waters, DC
Dallas, TX

Excellent, well presented, very informative. If you’re going to do any personal injury work and if you want to properly take care of your whiplash patients, and have a good solid foundation, this course is a must! Excellent! Great information! Very effective! Thank you Dr. Croft!

Lori J. Watterson, DC
Fall River, MA

Excellent quality of course, well organized, well presented. This course has helped me understand in detail of what “whiplash” can and often does to people. As a chiropractor who often cares for injured patients I am now better prepared to assist them back to health and work to prevent future problems for them.

Skylar D. Weeks, DC
Lewisburg, PA


Alan D. Weidner, DC
Salt Lake City, UT

Excellent. Very up to date information in great format. If your patients get in auto accidents, and you want to take care of them with confidence and competence, you cannot afford to miss Dr. Croft’s course. Your patients deserve it.

Charles G. Weiss, DC
Roswell, GA

Excellent content. It should be a requirement before treating these types of patients. It has put me in a power of suredness, and released me from a position of frustration.

J. Todd Whitehead, DC
Amarillo, TX

Top quality! Excellent material presented well.

John W. Wilke, DC
Evansville, WI

Information is straightforward and to the point with notes all inclusive, requiring less scrambling to write everything down and more time to absorb the material. The references given at each seminar have equipped me with the best and the most up to date comprehensive list I have ever come across. Now I back up my statements and opinions with valid factual data.

Dale F. Williams, DC
Roxboro, NC

Good and, as always, very well presented. The information is factual and no bull. This course has helped me to define and streamline my practice.

Randy L. Willis, DC
Orosi, CA

This is an excellent course.

Charles F. Wortiska, DC
Bakersfield, CA

Very informative. Able to correlate my patient’s care with the most up to date medical research.

Ian K. Yamane, DC
Las Vegas, NV



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