Presentation and content of material is of the highest quality.

Norman C. Adelkopf, DC
Plantation, FL

This course was excellent. This course has provided a sound foundation of quality research and information to assist me in moving forward with confidence in the personal injury arena.

Daniel Aguinaga, DC
Irvine, CA

Exemplary! I am better equipped to help my injured patients.

Louis Amantea, DC
Whitinsville, MA

First class. Vast amounts of relevant information which can be used to address my patients’ health concerns.

Robert E. Anderson, DC
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Very good, quality material. After taking the Croft seminar series, you know more about soft tissue injuries than any other doctor in your area—including medical specialists.

Craig L. Anshus, DC
Cottage Grove, MN


George Anthon Jr., DC
Hammond, LA

In a word—i.e. in two words—fan-tastic. The whiplash program is extremely organized, informative and packed full of ammunition to support the fact that severe injuries often occur in whiplash injuries.

Jordan J. Arbit, DC
Hyde Park, MA

Very well organized and presented. Specializing on personal injury today requires the practitioner be current in procedure and research. Dr. Croft’s course provides both.

Thomas L. Arnold, DC
Marion, IN

Excellent! It has increased my knowledge of whiplash injuries.

Andrew P. Azab, DC
Lubbock, TX

Excellent. Very helpful--especially the narrative reports.

Robert H. Barber, DC
Windsor, VT

Very good, content was complete. The explanation of the material was clear and concise.

Robert Baric, DC
Cary, NC

Excellent. More information than one can easily assimilate.

Raymond A. Bedington, DC
Ferndale, WA

I felt the entire course was excellent! Every module was unique, with no duplication of material. Dr. Croft has a masterful way of presenting his material!

John Biddy, DC
Tucson, AZ

Fantastic presentation of the latest literature and research to substantiate what we know to be true.

Kathryne A. Bolton, DC
Lexington, KY


Ed Boufford, DC
Ipswich, MA

This is a well organized program. The use of supporting literature and research was well integrated into the presentation and is useful to me in my practice.

Steven J. Bromberg, DC
Cambridge, MA

Superb! Dr. Croft’s material is scientifically sound, professionally presented, up to date, and cutting edge. If you wish to improve your personal injury practice you will not find a better program.

Mayer P. Burgan, DC, DABCO
Albuquerque, NM

Excellent! Dr. Croft’s notes were outstanding.

Mark Burick, DC
Seattle, WA

Outstanding! It’s refreshing to attend a chiropractic seminar that is packed full with research. References that I can use to back-up my treatment decisions. Extremely professional.

Larry E. Burrell, DC
Ballwin, MO


Helen Butler, DC
Silverdale, WA

I felt this course was of top notch quality. I found it to be very informative, while very professional in the presentation. This course has boosted my confidence with treating whiplash injuries in conjunction with my knowledge of these types of injuries. I feel I am much better equipped to help my patients.

Brian A. Campbell, DC
West Palm Beach, FL

Very good, concise and useful information. Increased awareness of mountains of information and the best way to employ it.

Carl B. Carnevale, DC
Warwick, RI

The quality was excellent. The information and material was organized. There is a wealth of “gems” in the books provided.

Penny A. Carpenter, DC
Everett, WA


Max J. Conley, DC
Austin, TX

The information presented was excellent. All doctors could benefit from this course which stresses the importance of documentation to protect both the patient and the doctor.

Stacey S. Conrad, DC
Carmel, IN


David W. Coutcher, DC
Pharr, TX

Excellent! This course is very organized, very well presented and provides sound references. Dr. Croft’s contribution to our profession is extraordinary!

Dawn M. Cox, DC
Cheektowaga, NY

I was most impressed with the quality of the material and presentation. Confidence.

Daryl R. Croxall, DC
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Top-notch! Excellent! Dr. Croft is a major credit to this profession.

Terry L. Daniels, DC
Warsaw, NY

Excellent! Even with 14 years of practice experience and 3 years of post-graduate orthopedics, I have found this to be some of the most useful information I have ever received. Not only do I use this information on a daily basis; but I found this program very interesting and Dr. Croft’s expertise keeps your undivided attention along the way. A must for every DC… this is a 10!

Richard K. Davis Jr., DC, DABCO
Conover, NC

Second to none. More information packed into one weekend that any seminar I’ve been to in years.

William L. DeLong, DC
Yukon, OK

Excellent. Great organization with immediate application has helped me become more effective and focused with my cases.

Dennis A. Desjardins, DC
Hurricane, WV

Very pleased--I appreciate everything you have done with this program, chiropractic and the injured patient.

Jeffrey L. Donay, DC
Urbana, OH

Well worth the money. This is my second time through and I always come away with new information and knowledge. I’ll see you in San Diego. Thanks.

Frank J. Door, DC, CCSP
Puyallup, WA

A high quality, current information course.

John D. Duggan, DC
Issaquah, WA

From the quality of the promotional and handout material, the meticulous references, the state of the art audio-visual equipment, through to Dr. Croft’s punctual and entertaining presentation, this is the most professional seminar that I have attended since graduating in 1975.

Gary Dyck, DC
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Top quality and very well organized. This course has given me more confidence in the management of my CAD cases by giving me the knowledge of the existence of, and the ways to assess, an arsenal of quality information.

Kerry Elliot, DC, DABCO
Newnan, GA

Excellent! More confidence in my ability to effectively treat and give prognosis for CAD injuries.

Roy C. Evans, BS, DC
Olympia, WA

Brilliant! Knowledge is power. Art provides unequivocally the best information available in the personal injury arena today. Art rules!

Timothy J. Faulkner, DC
Naperville, IL

I believe that this is one of the highest quality courses of any kind that I have taken. Dr. Croft is the most knowledgeable person in the U.S. when it comes to the research and application of that research as it relates to the cervical acceleration-deceleration injury.

Dennis G. Fiorini, DC
Tallahassee, FL

Excellent! Best post-graduate courses I’ve ever taken!

Eric a Fishner, DC
Pikesville, MD

Quality was very good--I am very impressed with how the information is updated as new information comes out.

Scott R. Fladland, DC
Chicago, IL

Excellent! I have used the information in personal injury reports and testimony. The course allows me to validate the need for chiropractic care in whiplash trauma cases.

Thomas J. Forest, DC
Pleasanton, CA

Very good—Quality information to take home. This course gave me the resources in which to better help my patients.

Stephen D. Frank, DC
Anderson, IN

Excellent and extremely informative.

Richard J. Freesmeier, DC
Tallahassee, FL

The course material is extremely well researched and presented in a clear fashion.

James M. Freitas, DC
North Dartmouth, MA


William D. Galanis, DC
Manchester, NH


Christopher Gast, DC
Paris, KY

Excellent quality. By far the most comprehensive series on whiplash I’ve ever seen!

Phil Gilbert, DC
Huntingburg, IN


Brian Gillis, DC
Perry, GA

First class! The information given is worth more than gold.

Daniel Glassman, DC
Phoenix, AZ

Excellent! I now have solid parameters to work within—no guessing on what to do next or how to communicate effectively.

Pamela J. Goll, DC
Marietta, OH

Exceeded expectations. I have more confidence in handling MVA type cases.

J. Anthony Guzaj, DC
Chelmsford, MA


Randall M. Haas, DC
Jacksonville, FL

Excellent! More knowledge of effects of trauma.

Bruce C. Hagen, BAS, DC
Sioux Falls, SD

Excellent, educational, informative, and entertaining.

Richard J. Hages, DC
Metairie, LA

Good information, well put together. Great nuts and bolts that I can use right now.

Eddie L. Hansen, DC
Bellingham, WA

Very high quality.

KeDong He, DC
Tucker, GA

Excellent! Very organized, helps you feel more confident and educated in CAD trauma.

Mark Herman, DC
Houma, LA


Jose Hernandez, DC
Miami, FL

First rate course and I had all my questions answered in simple terms. All materials are well referenced.

Stephan D. Herto, DC
Kingwood, WV

Excellent--well worth it.

Kristina Hollstein, DC, FACO
Christiana, DE

I have enjoyed the entire course. The quality is great, the instruction is great, the visuals keep your attention.

Bradley Hopper, DC
Las Vegas, NV

Great! First class!

Leo C. Huddleston, DC
Ridgeland, MS

I felt the quality was exceptional, very professionally presented.

Drew C. Hunter, DC
Boardman, OH

The quality of the entire course is excellent. I would and have recommended this course to my fellow DC’s.

Kirk A. James, DC
Chico, CA


H. Gregory Jarrett, DC
Las Vegas, NV

Excellent--organized and documented.

Stephan A. Jensen, DC
Arlington, MA

Excellent! Every doctor treating personal injury patients should be required to take the course.

Gregory R. Jenison, DC
Orangevale, CA

Excellent! Will be returning to keep current with the latest literature and data.

Gene E. Jenkins Jr., DC
Tallahassee, FL

Excellent! Useable content and well organized. The work this seminar represents is among the best offered by the chiropractic profession. The course provides not only the research base, but also the tools, information, and confidence to be successful in practice.

Dale B. Johnston, DC
Wilsonville, OR

This course is exceptional and the information is most useful.

Miroslaw Kantorosinski, DC
Salem, MA

Dr. Croft, thank you! The course is definitely the highest quality, the most effective I have seen.

Kevin W. Kaurich, DC
South Bend, IN

Excellent—a great step forward in personal injury care—you are helping innumerable patients.

Vicki Kelsey, DC
North Manchester, IN

Excellent course. Keep up the good work.

Jerry S. Kirby, DC
Montgomery, AL


Wolfgang Kliem, DC
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Excellent! Helped me become more organized.

Timothy R. Knuuttila, DC
Bridgeton, MO


Michael D. Koontz, DC
Anderson, IN

This was an excellent course. It should be a requirement for all doctors. Dr. Croft has given me so much condensed, useful information.

Ella Ladd, DC
Overland Park, KS

I have spent numerous hours in post-graduate seminars, and this is by far the most intriguing. This course is a must for “any” chiropractic physician, regardless of whether or not personal injury is a part of their practice.

George Lanelitz, III, DC
Springfield, MA

Excellent! This course has elevated every aspect of my practice.

Kathleen D. Lavis, DC
Spokane, WA

Excellent! Well researched and presented.

Richard A. Leve, DC, DABCO
North Dartmouth, MA

Absolutely wonderful!

Monique Levesque-Hartle, DC
Fort Wayne, IN

Excellent! Very informative and well organized. All four modules were excellent.

Kum-Hui Lim, DC
Annandale, VA

Excellent quality. It has given me the ability to feel more confident with my cases, backed up with proven facts.

Chad E. Longfellow, DC
Columbus, OH

The information you need without the hype!

Lonnie D. Lowe, DC
Tumwater, WA


Jack A. Lube’, DC
Tallahasse, FL

I thought the entire course was excellent. As a practicing clinician, I haven’t the time or the “know how” to search the available literature that supports my findings/procedures in CAD trauma. Dr. Croft has put this course together in a clean and concise manner. This has helped improve my understanding and competence in/on the subject immeasurably.

Steven V. Macagnone, DC
Jericho, NY

Excellent--the course is worth repeating. All doctors dealing with personal injury cases should take Dr. Croft’s entire course.

Candace Maddalo, DC
East Cambridge, MA

This course is so very informative in many aspects of chiropractic (treatment, documentation, presentation) so that it should be mandatory for all.

Victoria E. Malchar, DC
Warwick, RI


Joyce M. Martin, RW, MS
Smithfield, RI

Organized and well presented. Not only is Dr. Croft passionately committed to his work, he has the information to support his passion.

Terry H. Martin, DC
Salt Lake City, UT

I was extremely pleased with all the information. I have already applied many of the concepts into my clinic. I felt that the entire presentation (module books, slide shows, resources) were all of high quality and very well presented. I finally found a resource that answered all the questions that my textbooks couldn’t.

David D. Meder, DC
Cambridge, MA

Excellent quality. I believe this will be very helpful in all aspects of the treatment and understanding of whiplash injury. It’s not how much it will help me alone, but how much it will help my patients.

Roland W. Meffert, DC
Milton, WV

One of the best seminars I’ve attended. Lots of information—thank you Dr. Croft for your dedication to chiropractic and education!

Delia R. Mendoza, CHA
Tucson, AZ

Excellent! Great material and presentation. Anyone doing personal injury should take this course.

Humberto C. Mendoza, DC
Tucson, AZ

Excellent! It is better to practice from a position of strength than weakness.

Loren C. Miller, DC
Spokane, WA

Quality of the course was excellent!

Keith A. Miniaci, DC
East Haven, CT

Excellent—I would like to repeat it. I am in awe of the work, effort, and man-hours that have gone into this research. Our profession is making leaps and bounds because of these efforts—keep up the good work.

Thomas E. Murphy, DC
Montgomery, AL

Excellent! It is well organized and covers the subject completely.

Gordon W. McConnell, DC
Chilliwack, British Columbia, BC

Excellent! It was a very well researched program. It exposed me to the entire body of literature on CAD trauma.

Kristian F. McCoy, DC
Lynn, MA


Donald E McCune, DC
Sun City, AZ

Excellent! It has helped me be more confident and proficient in all aspects of handling personal injury cases; treating, documenting, reporting, etc.

Carl E. Nelson, DC
Andalusia, AL

The course was very thorough with excellent references. I have gained clinical and biomechanical understanding of acceleration/deceleration injuries substantiated by sound research.

Reed R. H. Nelson, DC
Export, PA

Great—the information has been wonderful and very helpful in my practice.

Thomas C. Nutting, DC
Placerville, CA

Excellent. Modules are extremely useful individually or as a total course program. Your provision of notes, article bibliography, and practical information is unparalleled. I appreciate your precise use of language in writing and speaking. I would like to reinforce that the timing of the course (11-5; 8-2) with multiple short breaks, is the best seminar format I’ve attended!

Clare M. Ollayos, DC
Elgin, IL

Excellent. I feel much more prepared to effectively handle CAD injuries in the future. Thanks!

Greg T. Olson, DC
Minneapolis, MN

I feel this is a very informative seminar for doctors specializing in traumatic injury cases.

Joseph L. Paci, DC
Columbia, MD

Overall, it has been an excellent program. The books, the slides, the products, and presentations are of high quality. Each module has been highly valuable.

Gregory J. Panzanaro, DC
Cohoes, NY

This course provided pertinent, concise information in an interesting and stimulating manner.

Mark Pappas, DC
West Haven, CT

The quality is excellent. The course is well organized, educational, very interesting and even entertaining. If you currently treat personal injury cases and you plan to continue treating personal injury cases, this course is a must! If you’ve not taken the courses because you feel you know it all, you’re mistaken.

Ralph G. Parenio, DC
Jacksonville, FL

This course presentation and information are excellent. The material is of such interest and presented in a way that six hours go by quite quickly.

Kenneth Passero, DC
Norwalk, CT

Excellent course. So much information, both practical and technical. Would highly recommend it to anyone doing personal injury work.

Bejan A. Pazdel, DC
Suisun City, CA

Excellent presentation in all four modules!

Richard M. Peace, BSc, DC
Florence, KY

Top Notch! Information is straightforward, extremely informational, and necessary to know! Dr. Croft’s powerful information and state-of-the-art products have provided the missing link on my case management.

Kenneth B. Pelusa, DC
Palm Harbor, FL

I enjoyed each module. The material presented guides me in the direction I know I need to go and gives me the confidence and references to be a better professional.

Jay M. Perniciaro, BS, DC
Donaldsonville, LA

Great quality.

Ralph Petrarca, DC
Vandergrift, PA

Dr. Croft’s research and legwork have already affected my personal injury practice in a positive way. This is full of Monday morning applications.

Peter J. Pfeffer, DC
Alexandria, MN

Great material. This course not only gives you the nuts and bolts, it helps you have confidence on your recommendations, your treatment, your documentation and your ability to support it with research. Great for our self esteem and confidence.

Paul E. Pride, DC
Champaign, IL

Very, very good. Well presented. Good format. Dr. Croft’s course gives you a true, in-depth understanding of soft tissue injuries, the mechanisms, documentation, and treatment.

David A. Reed, DC
Franklin, OH

I look forward to each module—Dr. Croft has put together a very entertaining, factual presentation in all four modules that move very fast.

Daniel Reinholdt, DC
Greenville, TX

Highest quality. This course has helped me to become a more knowledgeable and informed chiropractor.

Richard Rivera, DC
Seahurst, WA

More information hour per hour than any other seminar series that I have taken. I am recommending this series to all of my friends.

Thomas C. Roballey, DC
Monroe, CT

Excellent. Updated my information on whiplash injury and the information and availability of scientific studies related to whiplash injury. Great job.

Wendell L. Roberts, DC
Gainesville, FL

Excellent; first class—very professional. Dr. Croft condenses volumes of information into concise, practical useable formats. The seminars are tremendous and the products are powerful.

Ronald G. Rogers, DC, DABCO
Ocean Shores, WA

The course was excellent; the quality was superb. I have learned a tremendous amount. It has helped me structure my office to compete within the healthcare environment of today’s world.

Leonardo F. Romero, DC
Kent, WA

Excellent! Dr. Croft has mastered the information as well as the ability to dispense that information in a logical and interesting manner.

Arlene Roncin, DC
Point Pleasant, NJ

I feel the course was very beneficial. If you’re going to learn, you might as well learn from the best. Dr. Croft knows his stuff.

Hal Rosenfeld, DC
Mamaroneck, NY

Well organized. Great tool for practices involved with personal injury.

Victor J. Rossi, DC
Egg Harbor, NJ

One of the very best chiropractic seminars chiropractic has to offer.

Thomas J. Ruckman, DC
Springfield, OR

Excellent. It has helped me bring into focus the everyday things we do and fine-tune them, especially the SOAP notes.

C. Thomas Russell, DC
Hickory, NC

Excellent—well informed.

Dana J. Santelli, BS, DC
Athens, TX

Excellent! Research articles have helped reports carry more weight.

Steven P. Sawyer, DC
Worchester, MA

Excellent! Everything said is documented in the literature.

Claire D. Schill, DC
Winter Park, FL


Richard Schmitt, DC
Annapolis, MD

Very good content. Practical information, very valuable. Specific research, well documented and easy to follow. Promotes professional practice, conduct, business procedures and self-confidence.

James L. Schroder, DC
Cleveland, TN

It has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had.

Lawrence Schechtman, DC
Marietta, GA

Excellent material with facts and research to back it up.

John D. Schubbe, DC
Appleton, WI

Excellent. The essentials of participating in motor vehicle personal injury are embodied in this course. I feel confident in all aspects.

Lynn R. Schwankl, DC
Lakewood, CO

Top-notch. Cutting edge data and information presented in an understandable format.

Jeffrey B. Schwartz, DC
Port Falls, ID

This is a high quality course and I would strongly recommend it to all DCs doing personal injury work.

Brett A. Short, DC
Barboursville, WV

I am extremely impressed. The material is organized and cohesive. Dr. Croft makes it fun.

Paul D. Shumway, DC, CCSP
Mesa, AZ

Excellent. First class material by first class presenters.

Duke Sickels, DC
Goodlettsville, TN

The quality was great. This class has given me insight to an area which I was very blind to.

Steven J. Soifer, DC
New York, NY


Philip G. Spencer, DC
Federal Way, WA

Outstanding--professional, polished, and well organized. With perfectionism comes confidence.

Michael P. Szatalowicz, DC
Milwaukee, WI


Mark A. Szymanski, DC
Chicago, IL

Excellent, particularly the fact that you provide extensive referenced texts for each module. Excellent value.

Carl F. Tenckhoff, DC
Grants Pass, OR

Thanks for all your hard work for our profession.

Michael R. Thiry, DC
Boise, ID

Great! The amount of information is impressive.

Robert Thiry, DC
Boise, ID


James L. Todd, DC
Rushville, IN

Excellent material. Excellent presentation. Excellent support staff. In today’s med-legal environment, no doctor dealing with personal injury cases should be without this course.

David C. Troppy, DC
Napa, CA

Excellent. An absolutely necessary course to prepare you for all phases of the personal injury practice.

Kenneth W. Van Wyk, DC
Pella, IA

Excellent, very informative and enlightening.

Jeffrey T. Vendsel, DC
Tucson, AZ

Great stuff!

Raymond L. Verrier, DC
Tallahassee, FL

This is one of the most powerful, dynamic, and informative post-graduate courses I have attended in the past 20 years. My very best and highest praise to Dr. Croft.

Bryan L. Waggoner III, DC
Napoleon, OH

This course is empowering.

Patrick J. Walsh, DC
Rohnert Park, CA


Denise I. Walther, DC
Hercules, CA

I feel Dr. Croft is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matter. The course was good quality in my opinion.

Karen T. Way, DC
Worcester, MA

Excellent--wonderful organization.

Brian Wells, DC
Anniston, AL

Very thorough. The manuals are a good reference source. Easy note-taking because one needs only to underline/highlight.

Christopher L. White, DC
Rowley, MA

This course ended my frustration with chiropractic’s past; i.e. plenty of philosophy and art, not enough science!

Steven W. Whitelaw, DC
Fayetteville, AR

Exceptional presentation. Dr. Croft is a gifted communicator. Excellent and entertaining.

John. T. Whitehead, DC
Grapevine, TX

Excellent! Informative and organized.

Ara Zohrabian, DC
Bellevue, WA


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