David C. Abrams, DC
Staten Island, NY


David S. Aigaki, DC
Amarillo, TX


Mark D. Allen, DC
Jeffersonville, IN

Excellent! I have attended every year since the beginning seminar in 1992. These classes are essential and there is none better than Dr. Croft’s whiplash program. “It is air-tight.”

Ted Allen, DC
Austin, TX

Very good and extremely informative material was presented in an orderly and professional manner.

Yvonne O’Neal Allen, DC
Indianapolis, IN

Great! This is a class with every second packed full of information.

Albert Alyeshmerni, DC
Phoenix, AZ


Frank Amatulli, DC
Uniondale, NY

Outstanding! This course has simplified and helped organize my P.I. cases and the rest of my practice.

John A. Arishin, DC
Stockton, CA

Excellent! Very well presented and well documented. Applicable to not only P.I. practice but also general practice. I will recommend to others.

Gerald N. Arndt, DC
Coshocton, OH

Absolutely first rate. Top drawer facilities, preparation, and presentation. If you treat P.I. patients you should have this information.

Jeffrey J. Askew, DC
Bismarck, ND

10/10. Four stars! I found myself anticipating the following seminar.

Sunny Kellog-Atkinson, DC
Tujunga, CA


David L. J. Avard, DC
Seneca Falls, NY

I just finished my second go around on the seminar series. The quality of the course this second time around has more than met my expectations.

Joseph E. Awender, DC
South San Francisco, CA

Excellent! Well organized and smoothly presented. Dr. Croft not only presents useful and practical information but provides an excellent understanding of the current events in whiplash research and published works.

Steven G. Bacall, DC
Marietta, GA

Excellent! The information provided is documented and well organized.

Corrine A. Kennedy Baker, DC
Milwaukee, WI

Excellent! The course content was thorough and well presented with supporting documentation.

Sheryl A. Ballinger, DC
Tampa, FL

This course contains a tremendous amount of information and research material that you can take back and readily use in your office the next day. Powerful, explicit, thorough, and organized.

Kimberly A. Bartholomew, DC
Sarasota, FL


Roderick J Belyea, DC
Charlottetown, PEI

This has been an excellent course. Quality has been of the highest nature. It has helped me as a young practicing doctor to better understand the components of proper documentation and utilization.

Jeffrey M. Ben-Ezra, DC
Hazlet, NJ

Excellent, very thorough, covers the correct approach to CAD injury. Confidence!

Timothy S. Benson, DC
Fort Madison, IA

High quality. Thanks so much for your guidance and direction!

Mark C. Bergquist, DC
Superior, WI

The quality of this course was excellent. This has been one of the best learning seminars that I have attended.

Matthew T. Beyers, DC
Shelbyville, IL

This was the finest post-grad course that I have had the privilege to attend.

Theodore S. Biniaris, DC
Marietta, GA

Exceptional. Empowering.

Byron Jennings Blowers, DC
Bismarck, ND


Stuart Blumberg, DC
Bellmore, NY


Timothy J. Bly, DC
Normal, IL

All four modules are excellent! This is the most well-rounded course I’ve ever taken.

Lauren C. Bourgeois, DC
Birmingham, AL

The course is a top-rate seminar. The references are overwhelming and one can only exude confidence with the knowledge.

William F. Braden, Jr., DC
Toms River, NJ

Top notch! This course helped me by giving me the tools and direction to deal with these cases.

Shawn Brohl, DC
Toledo, OH

The quality of this seminar series is excellent, heavily research based and practical in presentation. The expertise and personal experience of Dr. Croft provides me with information I will use to improve the quality of patient care and support my treatment. In addition, the superior presentation and research supported clinical data has drastically improved my narratives.

Dereck D. Brown, DC
Irving, TX


Noah Brustin, DC
Santa Cruz, CA


Robert E. Buclaw, DC
Albuquerque, NM

Excellent course, very informative.

Michael M. Burak, DC
Huntingdon Valley, PA

Excellent! The best post-graduate course I have experienced. I would recommend this course to all DCs. It is a must.

Joseph Andrew Burt, DC
Pharr, TX

Dr. Croft displays a level of quality in research and presentation unparalleled in the chiropractic profession. Truly an asset to our field.

Gunnar P. Carlson, DC
Schererville, IN


Carol Carson, DC
Tucumcari, NM

Excellent! Well organized and enthusiastically presented. It is a strong validation for chiropractic care for CAD injury.

S. Elaine Carter, DC
Springfield, MO

Excellent! Documentation is powerful. The books are concise, complete, up to date, and easy to follow.

Ingrid Catina, DC
Newark, NJ


Glenn Lee Cavett, DC
Wichita Falls, TX

The quality was excellent. Dr. Croft kept the course interesting and informative.

David J. Cerniglia, DC
Schenectady, NY

Superior. The material and quality of presentation serve as a “gold standard” to which I will evaluate my current concepts of P.I., as well as all aspects of my future practice. I almost always refrain from testimonial; Spine Research Institute is a rare and warranted exception.

Mark Chiungos, DC
Seneca Falls, NY

Excellent! Dr. Croft is very knowledgeable, well organized, and as excellent speaker/entertainer. This course has helped me with my confidence, has shown me how much I need to learn and how information is constantly changing.

John E. Church, DC
Janesville, WI

One of the highest quality seminars I have had the opportunity of attending. Dr. Croft has established a new standard which others should model themselves after. The presentation and references are distinct, factual and up to the minute.

Martin E. Cohen, DC
Westfield, NJ

This course was complete, concise and very informative. This knowledge has given me confidence that the care is necessary.

Matthew D. Colby, DC

Good quality, very organized.

Michael J. Candon, DC
Cheyenne, WY

Excellent, motivating, informative and highly applicable to practice.

Philip Connolly, DC
Alexandria, VA

Very good. Dr. Croft represents the best in chiropractic with solid information and high communication skills.

Greg Cooper, DC
Mt. Pleasant, SC


Carl Cosgrove, DC
Snohomish, WA


David A. Craig
Marietta, GA


Benjamin D. Crandall, DC
Alexandria, VA

Top notch; the best. I have been able to use a lot of the information I received from the seminars in other aspects of my practice, not just personal injury.

Gregory M. Culbert, DC
Eagle River, AK

Very well done. There are gems in all four modules that help a DC handle PI cases. I appreciate the work Dr. Croft has done to further the cause of chiropractic.

Lewis D’Amico, DC
Aliquippa, PA

I thought this course was excellent.

Kevin J. Davis, DC
Ponca City, OK

Excellent — exceeds my expectations. Practical, logic and supportive. Well organized, documented information.

Norman N. Dawson, DC
Albuquerque, NM

All four modules were well presented, thoroughly documented and referenced. I was left with the impression that a tremendous amount of work (literature review, etc.) has gone into this program.

Marc S. DeGennzro, DC
Charlottesville, VA

Very fine, good information, well organized and presented in an interesting and entertaining way.

David D. Demperio, DC
Belmont, NC

Excellent! Everything was first class and I appreciate that!

Catherine E. Downey, DC
Cross Plains, WI

Excellent! This course offers the chiropractic clinician a comprehensive, well organized and well integrated source of motor vehicle accident-related information to improve the doctor’s understanding and management of motor vehicle accident-related injuries.

Richard Duenas, DC
West Hartford, CT

Great – very pleased.

Victor H. Fantasia, DC
Ontario, CA

Very informative seminar. Gives you awareness and good clinical advice for daily practice.

Maria P. Fenske, DC
Thiensville, WI

It was very good. Information was up to date and powerful.

Robert Firetto, DC
Newark, NJ

If you plan on or are presently treating car accident patients, this course is a must.

Joseph J. Firgeleski, III, DC
Trumbull, CT

In one word – outstanding! Empowering! This course has offered a rational method for assessing, treating, identifying risk factors and offering a prognosis based on current research.

George Forrester, DC
Fresno, CA

The entire course was of the highest quality from registration, refreshments, material for purchase, and information presented.

Richard Gadd, DC
Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Excellent! Valuable, current, and practical information for the practicing chiropractor.

John D. Gaffney, DC
Deland, FL

Essential for every doctor treating whiplash injuries.

Michel R. Gagnon, DC
Morgan Hill, CA

Excellent. The course is comprehensive, covers the subject in its entirety in an organized and efficient manner.

Donald Garrett, DC
Arlington Heights, IL


John F. Gentner, DC
Lakewood, OH

Excellent – I enjoyed every module.

Venisse Georgalas, DC
Grafton, VA

Very high quality material — more chiropractors need this information.

Craig W George, DC
Tacoma, WA

In the past ten years (since graduation) I have been to a multitude of seminars and this is amongst the best.

Brett W. Gewant, DC
Hackensack, NJ

The written material is outstanding. The depth and scope of the research is extremely empowering to the practitioner working in this field.

Joseph V. Giunta, DC
Merrick, NY

Excellent — a real class act!

John R. Gordon, DC
Conrox, BC, Canada

Very high quality; some of the best offered in chiropractic, no selling of “philosophy”, no selling of questionable procedures etc. – highly ethical!

Jonathan H. Griffiths, DC
Pinson, AL


William D. Grubbs, DC
Wheeling, WV

Wonderful – educational.

Carroll V. Guice, DC, FACO
Longview, TX

Very good. Grade A. My knowledge base of CAD injuries has expanded tremendously. I feel I’ve been brought up to speed in a relatively short period of time. The application to practice is all-encompassing.

Lori L. Hamilton, DC
Danville, CA

Excellent! It has increased my level of medicolegal issues and has given me some tools to use.

Douglas L. Hansen, DC
Santa Cruz, CA

The quality is top notch. Dr. Croft really makes the learning experience enjoyable and the information is top shelf.

Edward P Harkins, DC
Edison, NJ

So often, seminars fall short of expectations. Indeed, most are forgotten shortly after returning home. The quality of Dr. Croft’s efforts are commendable.

Fred R. Heard, DC
Baton Rouge, LA


Brice L. Heckard, DC
Nada, CA

Very informative, best seminar I’ve attended to date.

Karl Hennighan, DC
Northfield, NJ

Quantity is excellent.

Joel D. Hill, DC
Carthage, TX

Great! Scientifically and intellectually responsible.

Daniel P. Hills, DC
Naples, FL

The course was excellent. The material presented was very pertinent, current, and informative in aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of my CAD patients.

Ronald S. Hoch, DC
Berwick, PA

Pertinent, necessary information presented in a well-organized program.

Peter A. Holst, DC
Middletown, NY

The best I’ve attended – a superior level of presentation.

Joseph A. Homesley, DC
Oroville, CA

Excellent! A organized, focused method on caring for personal injury patients.

Gregory A. Hovanic, DC
Little Rock, AR

Excellent! Thank you, Dr. Croft. Your presentation was in depth regarding materials and very professional.

Charles F. Hudson, DC
Bradenton, FL


Kenneth N. Huete, DC
Houston, TX

Very informative. Dr. Croft covered a lot of material on cervical/whiplash injuries which helped me as a CA to know what pertinent information to chart and look for in CAD patients. It helped me to understand more clearly on the outcome diagnosis of whiplash injuries.

Dori Hyland, CA
Lafayette, NJ

This course should be the standard for CAD injury management. As a recent graduate of chiropractic school, I would say that this information has been imperative in giving me information that I was never exposed to.

Keith Isabey, DC
Tacoma, WA

Excellent! I feel like every practicing chiropractor should take this course.

Oscar C. Iworah, DC
Nashville, TN

The quality of this course is outstanding.

Troy W. Jackson, DC
Edmond, OK

First class! A winning combination of scientific documentation and clinical experience.

James R. Jiga, DC
Landisville, PA

Excellent! This course provided specific details and discussions not given in school. Dr. Croft is honest, straightforward, and direct as far as what to expect when dealing with whiplash injuries and their case management.

Stacey L. Johnson, DC
Davenport, IA


John R. Jones, DC
Cupertino, CA

Lack of knowledge and understanding creates anxiety and insecurities. Dr. Croft’s course gives you comprehensive coverage of the latest research, facts, and information, building your confidence and credibility.

Joseph K. Jones, DC
Vestavia Hills, AL

Very high quality! The four module books make a handy and frequently used reference source.

Laura L. Kaeske, DC
Gurnee, IL


Richard J. Kemp, BS, DC
Milwaukee, WI

Excellent! Especially impressed with the quality of the multimedia presentation and course notes. Well organized. This course has helped me pull together and organize the huge field of accident care and the legal ramifications of accident care into a coherent cohesive package of useful information.

Gurusahay S. Khalsa, DC
Atlanta, GA

Excellent--Art did a superb job; well organized, information packed. Keep it going!

Shakati S. Khalsa, DC
Berkeley, CA

Fantastic – I have received so much valuable educational information regarding whiplash. It gives me powerful knowledge to communicate with others.

Aster Kifle-Thompson, DC
Seaside, CA

Excellent! Confidence, confidence, confidence.

Joel A. Kinch, DC
Danville, CA

The quality of the course was good and I’m looking forward to the advanced class in Coronado. Up-to-date information without a lot of double talk.

Grant Kitts, DC
Fort Oglethorpe, DC

Very professional, well organized, easy to follow. As a student, I feel better prepared to face real world situations. A feeling you just don’t get in chiropractic school. When I graduate in March, I go forward with confidence.

David M. Klayman, DC
West Nyack, NY

Informative. Very organized and professionally distributed. Dynamic.

L. Scot Knight, DC
Round Rock, TX

First rate. Much needed for the professional.

Bart J. Knudson, DC
Medford, OR

Excellent. It is exceptionally important to me to stay abreast of the current research in the field of soft tissue injury. I don’t have the time to do this myself and I’m grateful for Dr. Croft’s support efforts in doing this for the profession.

Gregory Koors, DC
Eugene, OR

The overall quality was excellent, with both clinically and academically pertinent material. Dr. Croft is an excellent lecturer.

Mark J. Langweiler, DC
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

After 16 years of practice and having attended a multitude of courses, this has certainly been among the best. Knowledge of the research and the ability to reference it adds to the confidence of experience.

Bradley J. Lewis, DC
Crystal Lake, IL

This is/was the highest quality continuing education course that I have taken which is worth repeating, which I have done.

James F. Linder, PT, DC
Ridgefield, NJ

Great. I truly enjoyed the course and look forward to using what I’ve been taught.

Robert Lopez, DC
Sierra Vista, AZ

Excellent! Outstanding program packed with excellent useful information.

Hugh J. Lubkin, DC
Elk Grove, CA

Excellent in both quality and quantity of information. This course has provided me with more exact information on whiplash and has provided me with the necessary tools to increase my professional efficiency.

David Lundquist, DC
Winter Haven, FL

I thought the information was great, up to date, and relevant.

Richard T. Lyon, DC
St. Charles, IL


James M. McCarthy, DC
Springfield, MO

The quality of this course ranks up with the highest I’ve ever attended. Effective, powerful, and readily useable information. I recommend this course to anyone serious about caring for personal injury patients.

Willie R. McCray, DC
Daytona Beach, FL

Excellent. Absolutely the most comprehensive, powerful presentation of personal injury material I have had the pleasure to receive. Concise, impeccably referenced. Fantastic!

Curt D. McDaniel, DC
Lansing, MI

Very thorough. This challenges me to keep better notes, more accurate intake information, ROF, narratives and reports.

Michael J. Malloy, DC
Marietta, GA

I have never taken a course that is so precise and detailed. Excellent, organized, and very informative.

Frank J. Mandarino, DC
Staten Island, NY

Excellent! Information is power. Power is respected. Respect leads to success.

Leonard N. Marino, DC
Perth Amboy, NY

The quality and content in all aspects is unsurpassed. Dr. Croft’s “mastery” of the subject and presentation was inspiring and energizing. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Henry Marzec, DC
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Excellent. This course gives you the knowledge, confidence, and documentation to succeed.

Stacy J. Meeks, DC
Midland, TX

I feel Dr. Croft is well prepared and extremely knowledgeable in his subject manner. It has made me more aware of the importance of understanding the impact of the accident, point positioning, and the importance of good record keeping.

Richard C. Meoli, DC
East Meadow, NY

Very excellent class. The material presentation helped me to better serve the needs of my patients involved in MVCs.

Gary L. Meyer, DC
Stillwater, OK

I have attended numerous courses on management of PI cases, but none that have been as comprehensive , informative and relevant to current problems facing the practitioner who treats CAD injuries.

Scott Miritello, DC
Mesa, AZ

The quality was very high. Good presentation and visual descriptions. It was extremely comprehensive in its content.

Scott D. Misek, DC
Omaha, NE

Very high quality. After this course I can only succeed.

Ulrick Moelgaard, DC
San Francisco, CA

Excellent! It is a disservice to treat a personal injury patient without this information.

David P. Monson, DC
Brooklyn Center, MN

Very impressive. Knowledge is power!

Richard A. Montes, DC
Irving, TX

Very informative. Dr. Croft’s course has been an inspiration and asset to an integral role of my practice.

Brian S. Moore, DC
Santa Rosa, CA

Excellent! Easy to understand material. Presented well. Increased confidence.

Mark A. Mosser, DC
Minot, ND

This course was the most informative and practical program I’ve ever taken.

David W. Nadler, DC
Newtown Square, PA

Well designed, very well-documented information.

Michael P. Najar, DC
Howell, NJ

Very good presentation that kept my interest. Everything Dr. Croft says is referenced to back up his statements. This was most powerful for me because I knew the research done had been validating what I am reporting in my narrative reports and in educating my patients.

Mary J. Negri, RN, DC
Lafayette, NJ

Very good—great! From mechanism of injury, efficacy of treatment, records/reports, legal preparation and availability to numerous reference materials, nobody beats this series of seminars!

Rocky Nelson, DC
Renton, WA

Very good. Informative—lots of material to digest. Practical application to everyday practice. The information is invaluable to the chiropractor and chiropractic profession in order to promote their value and efficiency to the public and medicolegal community.

Gary W. Newberry, DC
Winter Haven, FL

Excellent. With regards to personal injury, this was the most worthwhile graduate or post graduate course I’ve ever taken. Very thorough with excellent supporting notes that can be used in the office.

Scott D. Newcomer, DC
New Berlin, WI

Excellent. It has made me more confident in dealing with whiplash injuries and all its aspects.

Peter J. Ney, DC
Cottonwood, AZ

Excellent! It provides the chiropractor with the facts to justify our treatment.

Timothy P. Novelli, DC
North Canton, OH


Casey J. Oie, DC
Hopkins, MN

Excellent—very organized. Dynamite and explosive. A must see.

Anthony B. Oliverio, DC
Toledo, OH

Excellent! This is a great confidence builder since it reaffirms your faith in chiropractic with solid scientific research.

Erik A. Otterstrom, DC
British Columbia, Canada

Excellent quality, presentation and information. Scientific research in abundance to support our profession in dealing with whiplash trauma.

Richard A. Owen, DC
Las Vegas, NV

As a physical therapist and chiropractor having attended numerous seminars from orthopedics to home health care, this one rates at the top of my list. Lots of hard work went into this by Dr. Croft. I can honestly state it was worth my investment.

Joseph N. Pasquino, DC, PT
Greensburg, PA


Edwin P. Patrick, DC, DABCO
Elgin, IL

Excellent! Dr. Croft combines a thorough understanding of the literature with his extensive clinical experience to explain the topic of CAD in a manner most useful to the physician.

Allison J. Peel, DC, DACBR
Warren, OH


Sal J. Pellegrino, DC
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Great. I enjoyed the material content. The course is very informative.

Luis Pena, DC, CCRD
Pharr, TX

The quality of this course was excellent. Presentation was very professional and the materials and books were informative. This course was very organized.

Don J. Perez, DC
Austin, TX

Excellent! Printed material, room acoustics, video slides—all were first class. Material itself was relevant, current, and thorough.

Bruce C. Phillips, DC
Clearwater, FL

First class. Being in practice 15 years, this is my second time around. It keeps you green and growing and I can’t wait for the third time around.

John J. Piazza, DC
Morrisville, PA

Overall the quality and quantity was exceptional. The format was great and especially appreciate the thoroughness of the notes. It’s great to see and listen and not have to write anything down. Thanks! Dr. Croft has an overwhelming command of the subject matter. There is very little about CAD that he cannot explain in a clear, concise manner. Having taken the entire course has strengthened my confidence in handling CAD injuries.

Ronald J. Piazza, DC
Pittsfield, MA

The best four weekends I’ve ever used for continuing education. All DCs doing personal injury must attend.

Larry Pickworth, DC
Columbus, OH

Outstanding! So full of facts as to be unparalleled in our profession. A must to be able to broaden the understanding of soft tissue injury; not just CAD, but full spine.

Christopher M. Piering, DC
Syracuse, NY

Excellent, very informative, Dr. Croft is a very exciting lecturer and “knows his stuff”. One does not understand MVA until you take this class.

Stephan Piserchia, DC
New Haven, CT

Extremely well organized and well documented.

Reginald W. Pitts, DC
Tampa, FL

Good, great, fantastic!

James H. Posey, DC, CCSP
Corpus Christi, TX

Excellent; good blend of facts, with real life scenarios and experiences.

Wayne G. Post, DC
Lombard, IL

The quality was excellent, top notch. A lot of valuable information. The module books given are very powerful and allow you to totally focus on Dr. Croft.

William J. Pring, DC
Strongsville, OH

Excellent course--I feel more confident in my practice because of this course. Thorough, well-organized, focused, broad in scope, indispensable way for me to become current on CAD arena.

Peter M. Quinn, DC
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Excellent. Very stimulating! I am using this information with success.

John J. Raio, DC
West Caldwell, NJ

Excellent, excellent, excellent… need I say more!?!

Bruce T. Ramirez, DC
Woodland, CA

Excellent--very interesting. Dr. Croft is a very good speaker. Funny and dynamic

Jennifer S. Ramos, DC
Mundelein, IL

The quality of this course was excellent. Dr. Croft knows his stuff and presents it with conviction.

Cynthia Ratkowski, DC
Toledo, OH

Quality was excellent, well worth the time and price.

Anthony J. Recce, DC
Huntington, MD

Very high quality—a lot of time and organization involved. Completely professional.

Jim L. Reddoch, DC
Port Lavaca, TX


Margaret E. Renzetti, DC
Cambridge, MD

Very informative—I picked up many valuable points.

Ronald M. Repice II, DC
Chester, PA

Excellent course. Dr. Croft constantly endeavors to bring the most current research information available to his program. I recommend it to all physicians treating CAD patients.

John H. Riggs III, DC
Memphis, TN

Very well organized, professional and interesting throughout. The course has definitely given me an edge over other chiropractors in the area.

Marie J. Robichaud, DC
Moncton, NB, Canada

Your attention to detail in all areas, including scheduling, preparedness, presentation, and accommodation, is greatly appreciated. I found this to be a professionally managed and fact filled knowledge building experience loaded with useable, vital and timely information.

Gerald Roth, DC
Highland Park, NJ

Very high quality! Altered states of consciousness—mind expanding!

Darryl Roundy, DC
Tacoma, WA

Superb! This course was highly informative and I have recommended it to colleagues; I will continue to do so.

Amy E. Rosenberg, DC
Lindenhurst, NY

Excellent! This knowledge is a must to perform properly in this area of medicine.

Jacques L. Rowe, DC
Oklahoma City, OK

Excellent quality, well presented!

Jeffrey Rubin, DC
Deer Park, NY

Dr. Croft’s high standards of educational excellence should be emulated by all educators that truly wish to advance our profession.

Victor M. Sanchez, DC
Montebello, CA

Excellent. Very informative, has brought everything together. Information, patient care, reports and presentation.

Kieth Sartain, DC
Lebanon, TN

Very well presented text, good delivery of material, and useful in the real world.

Jerome R. Schuler, DC
Minot, ND

Precise, concise, loaded with information that can be used the next day in you office.

Scott A. Schwager, DC
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent, great visual aids. The most organized, comprehensive course of its kind.

June C. Scofield, DC
Placerville, CA

Very informative. It is very well organized. Dr. Croft is a very good speaker. Great articles provided and method of obtaining references. Very much appreciated. Great! Great! Great!

Esther S. Day, Attorney at law
Tulsa, OK

Very efficient and very professional. Excellent use of the literature rather than “because I say so”. Facts empower and many facts from the literature were presented as well as the ability to communicate these facts

Paul R. Seegers, DC
Greenwich, NY

In 20 years of practice and continuing education, this is one of the best courses I have attended.

Dennis Seese, DC, DABCO
Belleview, FL

One of the best seminars I have been to in my 15 years of practice.

Ira Shapiro, DC
Old Bridge, NJ

It was so good I would like to repeat it.

Dennis J. Shay, DC
Orangeburg, SC


James P. Sheridan, DC
Nutley, NJ

Quality is excellent. It enables me to give a far better service to my CAD patients.

Willis B. Smith, DC
Columbus, GA

I feel that this was the finest course of its kind that I have ever attended. It has provided me with greatly enhanced clinical skills, and knowledge to rest it upon.

Dale A. Speiser, DC
Heber City, UT


Ronald J. Storey, DC
Boise, ID

Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent.

Robin Swaim, DC
Oregon, OH

I’ve been very impressed. I felt this course verified and validated my treatment and documentation of CAD injury victims.

Mary K. Taggart, DC
Seattle, WA

In my 30 years of practice, and after attending approximately 1,000 hours of post-graduate training, this course is on of the most informative and educational seminars I have attended.

Philip A. Tardanico, DC
Quincy, MA


Bonnie S. Taylor, DC
Edmond, OK


Ara M. Tekerlek, DC
Stockton, CA

Excellent in both content and presentation. The course has provided me with a new appreciation for the severity and for researching consequences of the CAD injury. I additionally feel strongly equipped with a sound scientific rationale for the treatment of soft tissue trauma.

Paul A. Terzano, DC
Brooklyn, NY

Great. The knowledge and ideas in this course are second to none. Thank you Dr. Croft for putting together such a complete program.

Terry D. Tesar, DC
Tipton, IA

Informative. Aids my performance to understand and serve MVA patients.

Dennis D. Tillotson, DC
Victoria, TX

The material presented on the course is based on the most current literature, presented in a clinical perspective for the clinician’s use on Monday morning.

Errol Toran, DC
New York City, NY

The quality is quite high. Dr. Croft shoots from the hip.

Richard Vance, DC
College Station, TX

Excellent. The course not only supplied me with the most recent literature to support what we do in our clinic, but also stimulated changes in our treatment protocols in which we have seen immediate symptomatic improvements with our patients. As well as improvements in our long-term outcomes.

Roger I. Van Riper, DC
Sioux Falls, SD

Dr. Croft is very thorough in his presentation and the notes are very professional and well documented.

Wallace C. Wade, DC
Tampa, FL

Great presentation—easily understood and immediately useful. Useful aids (videos, computer programs, texts, etc.) and references.

Terry A. Ward, DC
Mattoon, IL


Timothy Warren, DC
Wichita, KS

Outstanding. My hat is off to Dr. Croft for his focus and passion in this field—and giving it to us. I have total confidence in my CAD injury knowledge.

David Wasylynko, DC
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

It “pushes the envelope” of our confidence in treating and understanding our injured patients.

Nancy A. Weidner, DC
Menomonie, WI

Excellent quality, well researched. Every health care professional, DC or other, should be aware of the information in this course.

William L. Wesselink, DC, FACO
Tucson, AZ

The quality of the course if first rate. The information presented in this course is concise and well documented. It is easily applied Monday morning.

John D. Wheeler, DC
Manhattan, TX


Scott D. White, DC
Mesa, AZ

Excellent! Well presented.

Stephan Widuta, DC
Denville, NJ

Superior quality seminars. This is the second year that I have taken all four modules. I find it a great way to keep up with the new information out there!

Lyle S. Wilcox, DC
Tucson, AZ

Great information. This course gave me a lot of confidence in knowing that I am better qualified and able to help my patients in the best way possible..

Larry G. Wilde, DC
Orem, UT

Quality of course is excellent, uniquely organized and carefully thought through and presented. A+ + +

Richard L. Williams, DC
Rockwall, TX

Excellent and up to date.

Steven P. Wyllie, DC
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Very good quality.

Terrance B. K. Yap
Chicago, IL

Very good. Art does a great job of organizing and presenting the material. Excellent course. Any doctor treating patients with CAD injuries should take the series.

David Zak, DC
Lee’s Summit, MO

This course is one of the best I’ve attended. Dr. Croft has researched his lecture material extensively.

Robert J. Zarach, DC
Chamblee, GA

I feel that this course was extremely well structured, prepared and presented. Dr. Croft’s knowledge of the subject matter is readily apparent and he can convey his knowledge easily and clearly.

Greg A. Zweiacher, DC
Middletown, DE


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